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Chelsea Classical Studio Oil Painting Cube Sample Set

This handcrafted 8 piece set has everything you will need to replace your studio medium sets
with the safe alternatives found in Chelsea Classical Studio Mediums.

Discover for yourself how each medium can enhance your paintings, while keeping your
studio clean with a pleasant lavender scent.

Contents/Mediums Included in Cube Sample Set

Clarified Pale Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil
Clarified Pale Cold-Pressed Walnut Oil

Clarified Lean Medium Lavender
Clarified Fat Medium Lavender

Oil of Spike Lavender Solvent
Lavender Damar Varnish

Lavender Brush Cleaner
 Lavender & Olive Oil Brush Soap

Chelsea Classical Studio Oil Painting Cube Sample Set
Old Holland Paints
Williamsburg Art Materials

Michael Harding

clarified linseed oil from CCS