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Lisa Kowieski

Lisa Kowieski

Multi-disciplinary Artist and Designer from Chicago. “My work is influenced by nature and storytelling with themes of adventure and passion. More than anything, I strive to create work that inspires others to explore their passions and live their best lives. As a multi-disciplinary Artist and Designer, I’m trained in both traditional and digital forms of media and often combine the two when I create.” After high school, I decided to explore the world of Graphic Design. I received my Bachelors in Graphic Design with a minor in Communications and graduated Cum Laude with awards in Design and was inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta honors society. I continued to practice traditional forms of art throughout my design education and competed and won first place in several Fine Art festivals over the years. I also had my first freelance illustration job during this time as a sophomore in college and illustrated the cover and several featured articles for an international magazine. I have been freelancing ever since. More than anything, I love exploring and trying new things, going new places and meeting new people. I’m extremely curious so I’m most inspired when I’m in a unique situation that I’ve never been in before. I find that when I’m faced with the unknown it sparks my creativity and pushes me past my comfort zone, which is a beautiful spot to be in as an artist. I love the process of “creative problem solving” and having to figure out ways to either learn a new skill or jump over the metaphorical hurdle that stands between you and your goal.

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