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Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brushes

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Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush Line
Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush Line
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The Susan Scheewe line of fine art brushes are hand shaped and manufactured from the highest quality materials available. 

Angular - Excellent control for tight shading areas and curves. Beautifully designed clear, acrylic handle is also a painting tool used for scratching out paint.

Background - Incomparable for laying down large areas of color or pre-wetting paper. These brushes feature an angled brush head which allows a really comfortable working angle for the wrist as well as adding additional control when working wet areas against dry areas.

Fan Bristle Create exceptional textured strokes, as in grass and leaves.

Fan Synthetic - Yield finer, more consolidated strokes when brush is paint loaded. 

Flat - Designed especially for shading, blending, highlighting and filling color.

Filberts - Ideal for blending and creating strokes with soft edges.

Foliage Angular - Designed to create foliage and texture. Angled head allows for additional versatility by simply changing the angle of the brush against the surface.

Liner - Create continuous, controlled straight or curved lines. Width of line is controlled by pressure changes.

Round - Designed to transition from thick to thin strokes in one fluid movement. Fine pointed tip allows a clean finish to each stroke when brush is lifted from the surface.

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Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brushes
Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush - spacerAngular Shader1/4"45300$11.29$7.89IN STOCK
spacerAngular Shader3/8"45301$12.29$8.59IN STOCK
spacerAngular Shader1/2"45302$13.99$9.79IN STOCK
spacerAngular Shader3/4"45304$21.29$14.89IN STOCK
spacerAngular Shader1"45305$23.23$16.29IN STOCK
Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush - spacerBackground1"45320$27.79$19.49IN STOCK
spacerBackground1½"45321$38.79$27.19IN STOCK
Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush - spacerFan Bristle045325$6.79$4.79IN STOCK
spacerFan Bristle245326$8.49$5.99IN STOCK
spacerFan Bristle445327$9.29$6.49IN STOCK
spacerFan Synthetic245323$9.99$6.99IN STOCK
spacerFan Synthetic445324$12.29$8.59IN STOCK
Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush - spacerFilbert245311$7.29$5.19IN STOCK
spacerFilbert445312$7.99$5.59IN STOCK
spacerFilbert645314$8.49$5.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert845315$9.79$6.89IN STOCK
Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush - spacerFlat1/2"45317$12.99$8.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat145319$20.99$14.69IN STOCK
Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush - spacerFoliage Angular1/4"45328$7.49$5.29OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/12/2016)
spacerFoliage Angular1/2"45329$8.99$6.29IN STOCK
spacerFoliage Angular3/4"45330$10.49$7.39IN STOCK
spacerFoliage Angular1"45331$11.79$8.29IN STOCK
Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush - spacerLiner10×045306$5.79$3.99OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/13/2016)
spacerLiner045308$6.49$4.59IN STOCK
spacerLiner145309$6.79$4.79IN STOCK
spacerLiner245310$7.29$5.19IN STOCK
Susan Scheewe Watercolor Brush - spacerRound045293$6.79$4.79IN STOCK
spacerRound145294$6.99$4.89IN STOCK
spacerRound345295$7.79$5.49IN STOCK
spacerRound545296$8.49$5.99IN STOCK
spacerRound645297$9.79$6.89IN STOCK
spacerRound845298$12.29$8.59IN STOCK
spacerRound1245299$21.29$14.89IN STOCK
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