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QoR Watercolor Mediums

Golden Artist Colors
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GOLDEN QoR Mediums
GOLDEN QoR Mediums
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GOLDEN QoR Mediums
GOLDEN QoR Medium - Watercolor Medium
GOLDEN QoR Medium - Synthetic Ox Gall
GOLDEN QoR Medium - Lift Aid™
GOLDEN QoR Medium - Light Dimensional Ground
GOLDEN QoR Medium - Cold Press Ground
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Expand the abilities of your watercolors with QoR Watercolor Mediums!

Designed to preform effortlessly with QoR Watercolors, these watercolor mediums exist to expand the abilities of any watercolor paint. Included in this line of watercolor mediums are an array transformation possibilities, such as the Light Dimensional Ground, which turns watercolors into a paste-like substance for added texture, or the Lift Aid, which awards artists the ability to lift watercolors, even after they have dried. Made with top quality materials, QoR Watercolor Mediums are sure to impress watercolorists of any skill level!

  • Synthetic Ox Gall (59 ml) - Synthetic Ox Gall is a wetting agent that improves the flow of watercolors.   Adding 2-5 drops to your water makes paints easier to apply and blend when creating washes. Wetting paper with the water/Synthetic Ox Gal mixture will assist in creating clean, uniform washes and improves wetting on hard sized papers.

  • Watercolor Medium (59 ml) - Watercolor Medium is a general all-purpose medium used to increase the transparency and flow of watercolors.  If used in larger amounts it will also increase the gloss and saturation of the colors.

  • Lift Aid™ (118 ml) - Lift Aid™ is a fluid medium that is applied to the surface and improves the lifting of watercolors. May be applied to paper before painting or between washes. 

  • Watercolor Ground (237 ml) - Watercolor Ground is an acrylic primer that creates a porous surface similar to hot press paper on many different materials, including canvas and panels. It dries to an absorbent, lightfast and flexible surface that can endure repeated lifting and scrubbing.  Allows for a full range of watercolor techniques, including wash and staining effects. It can also be brushed on to return stained areas to an absorbent white surface.

  • Light Dimensional Ground (237 ml) - Light Dimensional Ground is a white, lightweight paste that can be spread like frosting. It can be applied smooth and thinly, or built up to create ridges, peaks and other interesting textures.  The extremely absorbent surface of Light Dimensional Ground allows color washes to spread quickly, yet allows the artist to create fine lines and detail as well.  Dropping color into lightly wetted areas can create beautiful blooms.  

  • Cold Press Ground (237 ml) - Cold Press Ground creates an absorbent, cool white surface with the appearance of rough handmade paper.  A smoother finish can also be achieved by skimming with a wet palette knife during application.  Ideal when a rough texture is desired for emphasizing dry brush techniques.

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QoR - spacerQoR Lift Aid™118mlV16585$12.49$8.74IN STOCK
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QoR - spacerQoR Light Dimensional Ground237mlV16587$15.19$10.63IN STOCK
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QoR - spacerQoR Synthetic Ox Gall59mlV16583$11.29$7.90IN STOCK
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QoR - spacerQoR Watercolor Ground237mlV16586$16.69$11.68IN STOCK
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QoR - spacerQoR Watercolor Medium59mlV16584$10.29$7.20IN STOCK
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