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Yasutomo Sumi-E Inks and Grinding Stone

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Shellac-Based Sumi-E Ink
Shellac-Based Sumi-E Ink
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Shellac-Based Sumi-E Ink
Pre-Mixed Sumi-E Ink
Sumi-E Ink Paint Stick
Suzuri Grinding Stone
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Shellac-Based Sumi Inks - This liquid ink is permanent and is also made from the same high-quality vegetable oil soot as our Sumi sticks. These pre-mixed black or red Sumi inks are made in the traditional method of grinding an ink stick on an unglazed grinding stone, and use shellac for a unique glaze and consistent capabilities.

Pre-Mixed Liquid Sumi Ink - This liquid ink is permanent and made from the same high-quality vegetable oil soot as our Sumi sticks. It is economical, convenient and time saving as it eliminates the need for grinding. All inks are AP Non-Toxic and conform to ASTM D4236 standards.

Sumi Ink Sticks - For more than a thousand years, the method of making Sumi sticks has remained the same. Sumi sticks are made from pine soot or certain vegetable oils mixed with animal or fish glue. It is then molded and dried to form a well-shaped solid block which, when ground on a Suzuri stone with water, turns to ink. They produce the famous Five Colors, or shades of black, that form the basis of “monochromatic” Sumi painting.

Suzuri Grinding Stone - The suzuri is a flat grinding stone used to make sumi ink. It has a sloping indentation which forms a small well at one end. A sumi ink stick is ground on the stone surface with plain water to produce liquid ink. Measures 3 × 5½".

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Yasutomo Sumi-E Inks and Grinding Stone
Yasutomo - BlackspacerShellac-Based Sumi-E Ink2 oz BottleBlack78130$4.99$3.79IN STOCK
spacerShellac-Based Sumi-E Ink2 oz BottleRed20068$9.45$6.49OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/30/2015)
spacerShellac-Based Sumi-E Ink12 oz BottleBlack20064$14.15$9.39IN STOCK
Yasutomo - BlackspacerPre-Mixed Sumi-E Ink2 oz BottleBlack20066$6.20$4.59IN STOCK
spacerPre-Mixed Sumi-E Ink12 oz BottleBlack78129$17.59$13.19IN STOCK
Yasutomo - BlackspacerVegetable Oil Sumi-E Artist Paint Stick0.7 ozBlack20078$6.50$4.89IN STOCK
spacerPine Soot Sumi-E Professional Paint Stick0.9 ozBlack78118$15.00$11.29IN STOCK
Yasutomo - spacerSuzuri Grinding Stone3" × 5½"20060$13.95$9.79IN STOCK
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