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Plastalina Non-Hardening Modeling Clay

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Plastalina Non-Hardening Modeling Clay - 4.5 lb. Bar
Plastalina Non-Hardening Modeling Clay - 4.5 lb. Bar
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Non-toxic, colorful modeling compound stays pliable indefinitely!


This pigmented, oil-based modeling clay is renowned the world over for its smooth consistency and brilliant color range. Plastalina clay never hardens, remaining pliable and plastic for limitless reworking. It is favored by sculptors, model makers, clay animators, maquette makers and artists of all kinds as the finest colored modeling clay available. Sold in segmented 1 lb. or 4.5 lb. bars, wrapped in cellophane, Plastalina is an indispensible and versatile medium for any sculpture studio!

Key Features:

  • Non-toxic, oil-based modeling clay
  • Never hardens, remains pliable
  • Brilliant, pigmented color range
  • Sold in 1 lb. and 4.5 lb. bars
Perfect For:

  • Sculptors and fine artists
  • Maquette and model makers
  • Clay animation & 3D art
  • Limitless reworking & open time

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Plastalina Modeling Clay
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Beige Fleshspacer1 lb. BarBeige FleshV11690$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Blackspacer1 lb. BarBlackV11691$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
spacer4.5 lb. BarBlackV11706$13.99$12.69IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Brownspacer1 lb. BarBrownV11692$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Greenspacer1 lb. BarGreenV11693$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Greyspacer1 lb. BarGreyV11694$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Ivoryspacer1 lb. BarIvoryV11695$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
spacer4.5 lb. BarIvoryV11707$13.99$12.69IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Magentaspacer1 lb. BarMagentaV11696$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Orangespacer1 lb. BarOrangeV11697$3.59$3.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/30/2015)
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Redspacer1 lb. BarRedV11698$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Sculptor Greyspacer1 lb. BarSculptor GreyV11699$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
spacer4.5 lb. BarSculptor Grey43921$13.99$12.69IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Terra Cottaspacer1 lb. BarTerra CottaV11700$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
spacer4.5 lb. BarTerra CottaV11708$13.99$12.69IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Turquoisespacer1 lb. BarTurquoiseV11701$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Ultra Bluespacer1 lb. BarUltra BlueV11702$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Violetspacer1 lb. BarVioletV11703$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Whitespacer1 lb. BarWhiteV11704$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
spacer4.5 lb. BarWhiteV11709$13.99$12.69IN STOCK
Plastalina Modeling Clay - Yellowspacer1 lb. BarYellowV11705$3.59$3.19IN STOCK
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