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FIMO Effect

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These glittery and metallic clays are great for adding some pizzazz!
These glittery and metallic clays are great for adding some pizzazz!
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24 Brilliant colors in five different effects for special applications and techniques. Easy to blend with FIMO® Classic and Soft. 

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FIMO Effect
FIMO Effect - Glitter Bluespacer1.97 oz BarGlitter Blue82369$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Glitter Goldspacer1.97 oz BarGlitter Gold82370$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Glitter Greenspacer1.97 oz BarGlitter Green82371$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Glitter Purplespacer1.97 oz BarGlitter Purple82372$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Glitter Redspacer1.97 oz BarGlitter Red82373$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Glitter Silverspacer1.97 oz BarGlitter Silver82374$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Glitter Whitespacer1.97 oz BarGlitter White82375$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Metallic Copperspacer1.97 oz BarMetallic Copper82376$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Metallic Goldspacer1.97 oz BarMetallic Gold82378$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Metallic Mother of Pearlspacer1.97 oz BarMetallic Mother of Pearl82379$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Metallic Opal Greenspacer1.97 oz BarMetallic Opal Green82377$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Metallic Ruby Redspacer1.97 oz BarMetallic Ruby Red82380$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Metallic Sapphire Bluespacer1.97 oz BarMetallic Sapphire Blue82381$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Metallic Silverspacer1.97 oz BarMetallic Silver82382$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Nightglowspacer1.97 oz BarNightglow82383$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Stone Granitespacer1.97 oz BarStone Granite82384$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Stone Marblespacer1.97 oz BarStone Marble82385$3.25$2.29OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/29/2016)
FIMO Effect - Translucentspacer1.97 oz BarTranslucent82391$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Translucent Bluespacer1.97 oz BarTranslucent Blue82386$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Translucent Greenspacer1.97 oz BarTranslucent Green82387$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Translucent Orangespacer1.97 oz BarTranslucent Orange82388$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Translucent Purplespacer1.97 oz BarTranslucent Purple82389$3.25$2.29OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/22/2015)
FIMO Effect - Translucent Redspacer1.97 oz BarTranslucent Red82390$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
FIMO Effect - Translucent Yellowspacer1.97 oz BarTranslucent Yellow82392$3.25$2.29IN STOCK
24 items in this category.

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