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Speedball Screen Printing Mediums

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Acrylic Extender Base - Designed to mix any quantity with ink in order to create a transparent color.

Diazo Photo Emulsion - Mix with Sensitizer for Photo Emulsion screen printing.

Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit - Contains one 7 oz  jar of Photo Emulsion, one 8 oz jar of Photo Emulsion Remover, and 1 oz bottle of condensed Sensitizer.

Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover - When finished with an emulsion coated screen, apply remover to reclaim the screen with minimal cleaning effort.

Diazo Sensitizer - Fill the bottle ¾ full with cold water and mix thoroughly. To be used with photo emulsion.

Fabric & Acrylic Retarder Base - Slows the drying time of inks.

Fabric & Acrylic Transparent Base - To create a transparent color mix with ink. This Transparent Base should not exceed 10 - 15% of the entire mixed quantity.

Gloss Overprint Varnish - Preserves the screen printed inks against scuffing, weathering and water. Non-yellowing.

Speed Clean - The only proven cleaner of screen filler.

Screen Drawing Fluid - Applied before screen filler to areas intended to be printed. AP non-toxic filler.

Screen Filler - Designed to block out areas not intended to be screen printed. AP non-toxic filler.

 Click here to download Diazo Photo Emulsion detailed instructions

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Acrylic Extender Base8 oz Bottle66448$8.39$6.29$5.53IN STOCK
Acrylic Extender Base32 oz Bottle66449$20.99$15.79$13.85IN STOCK
Acrylic Extender Base1 Gallon66450$40.73$30.59$26.88IN STOCK
Diazo Sensitizer2 oz Bottle66454$6.81$5.19$4.49IN STOCK
Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover8 oz Bottle66455$7.34$5.49$4.84IN STOCK
Diazo Photo Emulsion26.4 oz Bottle66456$21.62$16.19$14.27IN STOCK
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Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit66457$29.28$21.99$19.33IN STOCK
Extender Medium5 oz Bottle81369$11.69$8.79$7.71IN STOCK
Fabric and Acrylic Retarder Base8 oz Bottle66458$8.39$6.29$5.53IN STOCK
Fabric and Acrylic Transparent Base8 oz Bottle66451$8.07$5.99$5.33IN STOCK
Fabric and Acrylic Transparent Base32 oz Bottle66452$14.69$10.99$9.69IN STOCK
Fabric and Acrylic Transparent Base1 Gallon66453$34.64$25.99$22.86IN STOCK
Gloss Overprint Varnish32 oz Bottle66459$22.35$16.79$14.75IN STOCK
Gloss Overprint Varnish1 Gallon66460$69.81$52.39$46.07IN STOCK
Retarder Medium5 oz Bottle81368$11.69$8.79$7.71IN STOCK
Screen Drawing Fluid8 oz Bottle66446$7.13$5.39$4.70IN STOCK
Screen Drawing Fluid32 oz Bottle66447$20.46$15.39$13.50IN STOCK
Screen Filler8 oz Bottle66444$10.80$7.99$7.13IN STOCK
Screen Filler32 oz Bottle66445$30.44$22.79$20.09IN STOCK
Speed Clean16 oz Bottle81394$9.44$7.19$6.23IN STOCK
Speed Clean32 oz Bottle81395$15.74$11.79$10.38IN STOCK
Speed Clean1 Gallon81396$36.74$27.59$24.24IN STOCK
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