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Charbonnel Etching Grounds

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Black Ball Ground is available in either Soft or Hard.
Black Ball Ground is available in either Soft or Hard.
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Black Ball Ground is available in either Soft or Hard.
Black Ball Ground
Black Satin Hard Ground
Black Satin Hard Ground
Black Litho Inks
Black Litho Inks
Ultraflex Liquid Hard Ground
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Before applying these grounds, it is imperative that all grease be removed from the plate. To do this, thin some Marly white with a small quantity of water and rub the plate with a soft cloth or a piece of cotton. Rinse under flowing water. Pour a soured solution of vinegar and salt on the plate. Rinse once again. Avoid putting fingers on the plate while carrying out this operation.
Charbonnel hard black ball ground (solid) - Wrapped in a piece of taffeta which serves as a filter, the ball is rubbed on the pre-heated metal plate. Dab on the ground to obtain an even surface before smoking. The matt black finish obtained makes etching work very clear.

Lamour hard black ball ground (solid) - This ground is used as above. It is however, not quite as hard as Charbonnel ball ground.

Charbonnel soft black ball ground (solid) - A painting dabber is recommended for application. It is applied hot.

Liquid ground engraver Ultraflex - Apply it cold to the plate with a very supple brush, or plate coating device or pour it directly onto the inclined plate. Due to its transparency, it is suitable for a second application and reworking.

Black stain ground engraver Lamour - It is applied in the same way as Ultraflex liquid ground. It allows a long etching time with no risks of scaling. It dries faster than Ultraflex due to the presence of quick drying petroleum. It is also harder than the Ultraflex ground and, therefore, result in finer lines.

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Charbonnel Etching Grounds
Charbonnel - spacerBlack Ball Ground - Hard85310$13.85$11.08IN STOCK
spacerBlack Ball Ground - Soft85311$13.85$11.08IN STOCK
Charbonnel - spacerBlack Satin Hard Ground75 ml Bottle85314$10.65$8.52IN STOCK
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Charbonnel - spacerCoverflex Liquid Tusche125 grams85316$48.30$38.64IN STOCK
Charbonnel - spacerHigh Grade Liquid Tusche125 grams85312$57.80$46.24IN STOCK
Charbonnel - spacerUltraflex Liquid Hard Ground500 ml Can85320$72.55$55.14IN STOCK
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