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Compose It Grids with Dry Erase Markers

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Get centuries of art theory in an easy to use form with Compose It Grids!
Get centuries of art theory in an easy to use form with Compose It Grids!
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Get centuries of art theory in an easy to use form with Compose It Grids!
After using your grid, simply transfer your composition to your painting surface.
The 6-in-1 Grid has six smaller proportional grids on a single 8x10 inch drawing tool.
You can even attach a string through it and carry around your neck when doing location work.
The 3:4 proportion is the most commonly used proportion used outdoors.
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500 years of art theory brought into the 21st century!

"Perspective is nothing else than the seeing of an object through a sheet of glass, on the surface of which may be marked all the things that are behind the glass."
Leonardo da Vinci
  • 500 year old method brought into modern day
  • Sturdy, transparent acrylic grids are easy to use
  • Sketch directly on the grid with a dry erase marker! (sold separately)
  • 9 different proportions for many canvas sizes (*see chart)
  • Now with new pocket size grids! Comes in clear for details, or red for simplifying color values
  • New 6-in-1 grid gives six proportions in one easy to transport grid!
  • Put away your calculator and pick up your brush!
Even half a millennium ago artists knew that in order to realistically depict three dimensional objects in two dimensional artwork, a correct grasp of proportion and perspective was indispensible. Great masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer used the grid method to do this; often rigging up complicated equipment and devices designed to superimpose a grid over their subject matter. Now you can bring this art theory to your own creation process with the modern equivalent of those ancient tools: Proportional Compose It Grids!

These transparent acrylic grids are available in 9 different proportions which are translatable to nearly any canvas size. Simply choose your grid proportion in relation to your canvas, hold the grid up to your subject, and sketch directly on the grid with a dry erase marker (sold separately) to rough in your composition. It is then a simple matter to transfer the grid and the image directly onto your canvas with charcoal or chalk; all the while keeping the correct proportions of the original subject. Don't waste your valuable artwork time by guessing on proportions and perspective: let Compose It Grids be your guide and do the math for you!

Proportion Percentage Common Canvas Sizes*
1:1 1.00 All square formats
1:2 0.50 6x12", 10x20", 12x24", 16x32", 18x36", 20x40", 24x48", 36x72"
1:3 0.33 3x9", 5x15", 6x18", 8x24", 9x27", 10x30", 11x33", 12x36", 24x72"
2:3 0.66 6x9", 8x12", 10x15", 12x18", 14x21", 16x24", 18x27", 20x30", 24x36", 48x72"
3:4 0.75 9x12", 12x16", 15x20", 18x24", 21x28", 24x32", 27x36", 30x40", 36x48", 54x72"
4:5 0.80 8x10", 16x20", 24x30", 32x40", 36x45", 40x50", 48x60"
5:6 0.83 10x12", 15x18", 20x24", 25x30", 30x36", 35x42", 40x48", 50x60", 60x72"
5.5:7 0.79 11x14", 22x28", 33x42", 44x56", 55x70"
7:8 0.88 14x16", 28x32"

*Don't see your canvas size? Divide the smaller number of your canvas size by the larger to get the percentage; then choose the closest percentage listed above to get the best proportional match. For example, a 14x18" canvas would have a percentage of around 0.78 (=14 divided by 18), and would best match with the 5.5:7 grid which has a 0.79 percentage.

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Compose-It Grid 3:44×5"RedV03540$12.78$11.49IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 3:44×5"ClearV03541$12.78$11.49IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 3:48×10"ClearV03534$17.28$15.59IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 5:68×10"ClearV03536$17.28$15.59IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 2:38×10"ClearV03533$17.28$15.59IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 1:28×10"ClearV03531$17.28$15.59IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 1:38×10"ClearV03532$17.28$15.59IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 1:18×10"ClearV03530$17.28$15.59IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 7:88×10"ClearV03538$17.28$15.59IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 4:58×10"ClearV03535$17.28$15.59IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 5.5:78×10"ClearV03537$17.28$15.59IN STOCK
Compose-It Grid 6 in 18×10"ClearV03539$18.28$16.49IN STOCK
Expo Expo Dry Erase Marker 3-PackBlackV03542$8.83$6.89IN STOCK
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