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Rapidograph Pens

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No studio is complete without Rapidograph Pens!
No studio is complete without Rapidograph Pens!
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No studio is complete without Rapidograph Pens!
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The only technical pen made in the U.S.A! 

Rapidographs are a remarkably versatile drawing instrument for use with all waterproof drawing ink. Point sizes range from very fine to very broad, and are capable of achieving an "engraver's perfection," a loose sketching style or a finely detailed pointillistic technique. 

With airtight Dry Double Seal cap for instant start up, stainless steel nibs, and long barrels. The standard drafting, ruling and drawing pen, and the most popular. Hard chrome stainless steel points for use on paper or film. Precision quality for accurate line widths. 

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Rapidograph PointSize 009351$25.90$17.39IN STOCK
Rapidograph PenSize 009241$39.95$26.79IN STOCK
Rapidograph PointSize 0009350$25.90$17.39IN STOCK
Rapidograph PenSize 0009240$39.95$26.79IN STOCK
Rapidograph PointSize 00009349$25.90$17.39IN STOCK
Rapidograph PenSize 00009239$39.95$26.79IN STOCK
Rapidograph PointSize 000009348$31.60$21.19IN STOCK
Rapidograph PenSize 000009238$42.95$28.79IN STOCK
Rapidograph PointSize 00000009347$37.30$24.99IN STOCK
Rapidograph PenSize 00000009237$46.40$30.99IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
Rapidograph PointSize 109352$25.90$17.39OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/26/2016)
Rapidograph PenSize 109242$39.95$26.79IN STOCK
Rapidograph PointSize 209353$25.90$17.39IN STOCK
Rapidograph PenSize 209243$39.95$26.79IN STOCK
Rapidograph PointSize 2.509354$25.90$17.39IN STOCK
Rapidograph PenSize 2.509244$39.95$26.79IN STOCK
Rapidograph PointSize 309355$25.90$17.39IN STOCK
Rapidograph PenSize 309245$39.95$26.79IN STOCK
Rapidograph PointSize 409357$25.90$17.39IN STOCK
Rapidograph PenSize 409247$39.95$26.79IN STOCK
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