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Derwent Drawing Pencils

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Derwent Drawing by David Cook
Derwent Drawing by David Cook
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Derwent Drawing by David Cook
8 mm round barrel with extra wide 5 mm core
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Nature's Palette
  • 8 mm round barrel
  • Extra wide 5 mm core
  • Sold in Boxes of 6
This is drawing at it's most natural, both in the exquisite colour range and the creative potential of this unique pencil. Drawing has an extra wide, creamy textured core which produces a beautifully soft, velvety finish. It is the perfect medium for wildlife and nature studies, and is seen by many artist as the ideal pencil to draw "fur & feather". But is also ideal for rich subtle landscapes and deep, thoughtful portraits.

"Derwent Drawing are my favorite coloured pencils. Whilst in America I heard them called "fur and feather" pencil. As a wildlife artist I agree; they are superb for rendering texture and softness in animal and bird subjects. They blend together beautifully and are so versatile, the results are excellent."

David Cook

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Derwent Drawing Pencils
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Brown OchrespacerIndividualBrown Ochre81132$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Brown Ochre81132A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Chinese WhitespacerIndividualChinese White81137$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Chinese White81137A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - ChocolatespacerIndividualChocolate81135$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Chocolate81135A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Cool GrayspacerIndividualCool Gray85628$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Cool Gray85628A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Crag GreenspacerIndividualCrag Green85617$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Crag Green85617A$17.34$11.89$10.40OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/05/2015)
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Green ShadowspacerIndividualGreen Shadow85616$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Green Shadow85616A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Ink BluespacerIndividualInk Blue85613$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Ink Blue85613A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Ivory BlackspacerIndividualIvory Black81136$2.89$1.99$1.73OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/01/2015)
spacerBox of 6Ivory Black81136A$17.34$11.89$10.40OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/22/2015)
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Light SiennaspacerIndividualLight Sienna85611$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Light Sienna85611A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Mars OrangespacerIndividualMars Orange85623$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Mars Orange85623A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Mars VioletspacerIndividualMars Violet85625$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Mars Violet85625A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Olive EarthspacerIndividualOlive Earth85618$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Olive Earth85618A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Pale CedarspacerIndividualPale Cedar85615$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Pale Cedar85615A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Ruby EarthspacerIndividualRuby Earth85626$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Ruby Earth85626A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - SanguinespacerIndividualSanguine85624$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Sanguine85624A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Sepia RedspacerIndividualSepia Red85622$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Sepia Red85622A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Smoke BluespacerIndividualSmoke Blue85614$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Smoke Bllue85614A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Solway BluespacerIndividualSolway Blue85612$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Solway Blue85612A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - TerracottaspacerIndividualTerracotta81134$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Terracotta81134A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Venetian RedspacerIndividualVenetian Red81133$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Venetian Red81133A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Warm EarthspacerIndividualWarm Earth85619$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Warm Earth85619A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Warm GrayspacerIndividualWarm Gray85627$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Warm Gray85627A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
Derwent Drawing Pencils - WheatspacerIndividualWheat85620$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Wheat85620A$17.34$11.89$10.40OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/04/2015)
Derwent Drawing Pencils - Yellow OchrespacerIndividualYellow Ochre85621$2.89$1.99$1.73IN STOCK
spacerBox of 6Yellow Ochre85621A$17.34$11.89$10.40IN STOCK
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