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PanPastels are available in an amazing range of 60 colors!
PanPastels are available in an amazing range of 60 colors!
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PanPastels are available in an amazing range of 60 colors!
PanPastels are available in a large range of colors, tints and shades.
There is a wide variety of applicator tools specifically designed for PanPastels.
Each compact is filled with 9 ml of color.
Sponges are a great way to cover large areas quickly.
When used with Sofft Covers, the traditional painting knife is transformed into a multi-use and absorbent applicator.
New! PanPastels in 6 metallic colors
Save up to $2.58 off List
(Sale Ends 08/17/2014)

Ultra Soft, Low Dust, Lightfast, Highly Pigmented Pastels!

PanPastel™ Colors are artists' quality soft pastels uniquely packed in a pan format, so that the colors can be mixed and applied like paint, for new effects in pastels, and to make difficult pastel techniques easier! PanPastel Colors are the softest pastels in the world.

Each color of PanPastels is loaded with the highest quality pigments; and is made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in rich, ultra soft and low dust colors. PanPastel Colors are fully compatible with traditional pastel sticks, fixatives and surfaces; and with other artists' colors for mixed media work. 9 ml Pans contain approx. 35% more material than the average pastel stick.

  • Great for pastel washes, backgrounds and under paintings
  • Use for dry-in-dry techniques—mix and blend like paint
  • Ultra thin "glazing" layers won't overfill the "tooth"
  • Control painterly effects—from intense to delicate pastel marks
  • Color range features 20 mass/pure colors, with 20 tints and 20 shades

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SAVE UP TO 32% OFF LISTSave up to $2.58 off List(Sale Ends 08/17/2014)
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PanPastel™ - BlackspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactBlack80724$6.99$5.59$4.74OUT OF STOCK
(till 08/15/2014)
PanPastel™ - Bright Yellow Green Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactBright Yellow Green Extra DarkV02434$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Brite Yellow GreenspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactBrite Yellow Green80725$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Brite Yellow Green ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactBrite Yellow Green Shade80726$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Brite Yellow Green TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactBrite Yellow Green Tint80727$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Burnt SiennaspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactBurnt Sienna80728$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Burnt Sienna ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactBurnt Sienna Shade80729$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Burnt Sienna TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactBurnt Sienna Tint80730$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Chrom. Oxide Green Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactChrom. Oxide Green Extra DarkV02433$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Chrome Oxide GreenspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactChrome Oxide Green80731$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Chrome Oxide Green ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactChrome Oxide Green Shade80732$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Chrome Oxide Green TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactChrome Oxide Green Tint80733$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Diarylide YellowspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactDiarylide Yellow80734$6.99$5.59$4.73IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Diarylide Yellow Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactDiarylide Yellow Extra DarkV02421$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Diarylide Yellow ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactDiarylide Yellow Shade80735$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Diarylide Yellow TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactDiarylide Yellow Tint80736$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Hansa YellowspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactHansa Yellow80737$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Hansa Yellow Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactHansa Yellow Extra DarkV02420$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Hansa Yellow ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactHansa Yellow Shade80738$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Hansa Yellow TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactHansa Yellow Tint80739$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - MagentaspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMagenta80740$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Magenta Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMagenta Extra DarkV02426$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Magenta ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMagenta Shade80741$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Magenta TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMagenta Tint80742$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Metallic BronzespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMetallic BronzeV15161$7.99$6.39$5.41IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Metallic CopperspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMetallic CopperV15162$7.99$6.39$5.41IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Metallic Light GoldspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMetallic Light GoldV15157$7.99$6.39$5.41IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Metallic PewterspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMetallic PewterV15160$7.99$6.39$5.41IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Metallic Rich GoldspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMetallic Rich GoldV15158$7.99$6.39$5.41IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Metallic SilverspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactMetallic SilverV15159$7.99$6.39$5.41IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Neutral GreyspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactNeutral Grey80743$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Neutral Grey #1 Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactNeutral Grey #1 Extra DarkV02437$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Neutral Grey #2 Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactNeutral Grey #2 Extra DarkV02438$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Neutral Grey ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactNeutral Grey Shade80744$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Neutral Grey Tint 7spacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactNeutral Grey Tint 780745$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Neutral Grey Tint 8spacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactNeutral Grey Tint 880746$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Ochre ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactOchre Shade80782$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Ochre TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactOchre Tint80783$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - OrangespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactOrange80747$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Orange Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactOrange Extra DarkV02423$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Orange ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactOrange Shade80748$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Orange TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactOrange Tint80749$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Paynes GreyspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPaynes Grey80750$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Paynes Grey Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPaynes Grey Extra DarkV02439$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Paynes Grey Tint 7spacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPaynes Grey Tint 780751$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Paynes Grey Tint 8spacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPaynes Grey Tint 880752$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Permanent GreenspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPermanent Green80753$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Permanent Green Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPermanent Green Extra DarkV02432$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Permanent Green ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPermanent Green Shade80754$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Permanent Green TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPermanent Green Tint80755$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Permanent RedspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPermanent Red80756$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Permanent Red Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPermanent Red Extra DarkV02424$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Permanent Red ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPermanent Red Shade80757$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Permanent Red TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPermanent Red Tint80758$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Phthalo BluespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPhthalo Blue80759$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Phthalo Blue Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPhthalo Blue Extra DarkV02429$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Phthalo Blue ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPhthalo Blue Shade80760$6.99$5.59$4.74OUT OF STOCK
(till 08/15/2014)
PanPastel™ - Phthalo Blue TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPhthalo Blue Tint80761$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Phthalo GreenspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPhthalo Green80762$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Phthalo Green Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPhthalo Green Extra DarkV02431$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Phthalo Green ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPhthalo Green Shade80763$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Phthalo Green TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactPhthalo Green Tint80764$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Raw UmberspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactRaw Umber80765$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Raw Umber Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactRaw Umber Extra DarkV02436$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Raw Umber ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactRaw Umber Shade80766$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Raw Umber TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactRaw Umber Tint80767$6.99$5.59$4.74OUT OF STOCK
(till 08/15/2014)
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Red Iron OxidespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactRed Iron Oxide80768$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Red Iron Oxide Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactRed Iron Oxide Extra DarkV02425$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Red Iron Oxide ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactRed Iron Oxide Shade80769$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Red Iron Oxide TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactRed Iron Oxide Tint80770$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Titanium WhitespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactTitanium White80771$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - TurquoisespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactTurquoise80772$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Turquoise Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactTurquoise Extra DarkV02430$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Turquoise ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactTurquoise Shade80773$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Turquoise TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactTurquoise Tint80774$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Ultramarine BluespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactUltramarine Blue80775$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Ultramarine Blue Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactUltramarine Blue Extra DarkV02428$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Ultramarine Blue ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactUltramarine Blue Shade80776$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Ultramarine Blue TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactUltramarine Blue Tint80777$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - VioletspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactViolet80778$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Violet Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactViolet Extra DarkV02427$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Violet ShadespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactViolet Shade80779$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Violet TintspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactViolet Tint80780$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
Prop 65.
PanPastel™ - Yellow OchrespacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactYellow Ochre80781$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
PanPastel™ - Yellow Ochre Extra DarkspacerPanPastel™9 ml CompactYellow Ochre Extra DarkV02422$6.99$5.59$4.74IN STOCK
85 items in this category.

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