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Magnani Revere Printmaking Paper

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Under Wraps by Carol Wax, mezzotint, 16×20
"Under Wraps" by Carol Wax, mezzotint, 16×20"
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Under Wraps by Carol Wax, mezzotint, 16×20
Simon on Revere Silk by Julia Ayers, monotype, 8×6
Heron on Revere Suede by Julia Ayers, block print
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Fine Italian 100% cotton printmaking and drawing paper!

Cartiera Magnani is one of the oldest paper mills in the world, and has been producing fine papers since the 15th century. Now Magnani have turned their considerable knowledge and expertise to the creation — over the course of two years — of the new Revere line of deluxe printmaking and drawing paper. Developed to answer the needs of printmakers and artists looking for the perfect paper for a variety of techniques, Revere fills the gaps left by the discontinuation of certain paper lines over the years, and is already a favorite among professional artists and art enthusiasts!

  • 100% cotton, eco-friendly and acid free
  • 4 deckled edges and Revere watermark
  • Lightly sized to absorb ink well and create a rich image
  • 5 White tones available as well as deep Black
  • 3 surface textures: rougher Felt, medium-tooth Suede, and smooth Silk
  • 2 sizes: 250gsm 22×30" and 300gsm 30×44" paper sheets
  • Sold in packs of 25 or 100 sheets, also 15×22" sampler pack
  • Perfect for printmaking of any kind, as well as dry drawing media and gouache!

Revere is an eco-friendly paper, made from tree-free 100% cotton linters on mills powered by Magnani's own water turbines, and is naturally acid- and chlorine free as well as pH neutral, giving it archival qualities in addition to environmentally sustainable ones. The light sizing of Revere means it absorbs ink well, allowing for strong adhesion without diluting color vibrancy. Soaking and blotting the paper before printmaking enhances these wonderfully absorbent effects, and your finished prints will closely parallel your artistic objectives. Revere is perfect for printmaking of all kinds, from block and screen prints to intaglio, mezzotint, dry point, engraving, relief, etching and more! The soft paper surface is also ideal for drawing techniques from graphite and charcoal to colored pencil and pen, and its absorbency creates interesting effects with watercolors and gouache.

Available in 250gsm 22×30" sheets or large, 300gsm 30×44" sheets, perhaps one of the greatest attractions of Revere paper is the array of colors and textures offered. Bright Polar White, rich Standard White, Warm White, Ivory, rosy Bisque and deep Black colors provide a selection of background hues certain to enhance your artwork. The three different textures are truly luxurious: Felt finish provides a rougher, mottled texture, Suede is an even, medium-textured surface, and Silk is smooth and delicate. Try one of the 14 sheet 15×22" sampler packs to experiment on: you will fall in love with this line of lush and luxurious papers from one of the finest paper mills in the world!

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Revere Printmaking Paper
Revere Printmaking Paper - Bisque • Suedespacer25-Pack22x30"Bisque • SuedeV04098A$131.25$84.40IN STOCK
spacer100-Pack22x30"Bisque • SuedeV04098B$525.00$273.79IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
Revere Printmaking Paper - Ivory • Feltspacer25-Pack22x30"Ivory • FeltV04095A$131.25$84.40IN STOCK
spacer100-Pack22x30"Ivory • FeltV04095B$525.00$273.79IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
Revere Printmaking Paper - Polar White • Feltspacer25-Pack22x30"Polar White • FeltV04097A$131.25$84.40IN STOCK
spacer100-Pack22x30"Polar White • FeltV04097B$525.00$273.79IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
Revere Printmaking Paper - Polar White • Suedespacer25-Pack22x30"Polar White • SuedeV04101A$131.25$84.40IN STOCK
spacer25-Pack30x44"Polar White • SuedeV04109A$294.75$192.49IN STOCK
spacer100-Pack22x30"Polar White • SuedeV04101B$525.00$273.79IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
Revere Printmaking Paper - Stand. White • Feltspacer25-Pack22x30"Stand. White • FeltV04096A$131.25$84.40IN STOCK
spacer100-Pack22x30"Stand. White • FeltV04096B$525.00$273.79IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
Revere Printmaking Paper - Stand. White • Suedespacer25-Pack22x30"Stand. White • SuedeV04102A$131.25$84.40IN STOCK
spacer100-Pack22x30"Stand. White • SuedeV04102B$525.00$273.79IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
Revere Printmaking Paper - Warm White • Suedespacer25-Pack22x30"Warm White • SuedeV04103A$131.25$84.40IN STOCK
spacer25-Pack30x44"Warm White • SuedeV04111A$294.75$192.49IN STOCK
spacer100-Pack22x30"Warm White • SuedeV04103B$525.00$273.79IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
spacer100-Pack30x44"Warm White • SuedeV04111B$1,179.00$673.19IN STOCK
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