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Phenomenon Shell Paper

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The paper is handmade sheet by sheet and coated making each sheet unique and somewhat different than the next.
The paper is handmade sheet by sheet and coated making each sheet unique and somewhat different than the next.
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The paper is handmade sheet by sheet and coated making each sheet unique and somewhat different than the next.
Available in ten beautiful colors!
Artwork by Amy Dean
Block Print
Artwork by Amy Dean
Artwork by Amy Dean
Artwork by Amy Dean
Colored Pencils on Phenomenon Shell Paper
Colored Pencil
Photo Emulsion Silk Screen on Phenomenon Shell Paper
Silk Screen
Handcarved Linoleum Block Transfer with Accents in Marker
Mixed Media
Mounted Cut-Outs with Phenomenon Shell Paper
Watercolor on Phenomenon Shell Paper Cut-outs
Artwork by Mandie Mosby
Artwork by Mandie Mosby
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Coated with an emulsion made with real seashell powder!

  • Acid-free and archival
  • Unique characteristics open new exciting creative avenues
  • Works well with dry art media and wet media including watercolors and fluid acrylics
  • Ideal for block printing, screen printing, monotype printing, pen and ink, marker, crayon, pastel, charcoal and stamping techniques

Shell Paper is a multi-media paper made with actual shell emulsion, specially designed to accept acrylics, watercolors, inks, pastels, and even oil pastels! The paper mounts easily to any board surface to make unique plein air painting boards. Imported from Vietnam, this paper is sure to change the rules and open new creative avenues for artists everywhere. The colors are made using organic pigments, and natural white adds a beautiful pearlescent effect to transparent washes. Surface is lustrious and semi-absorbant. In fact, the calcium in the shell coating allows for wet media techniques, making Shell Paper the ideal surface for multimedia expressions using a wide array of media from crayon and charcoal to fluid acrylics and inks.

The paper is handmade sheet by sheet, so each piece of Shell Paper is unique and somewhat different than the next. A complete selection of colors is available along with the natural coated sheets which have no pigments mixed into the shell emulsion. All sheets are 20 × 24" in size and are available in 5 sheet packs in resealabe clear bags and in packs of 25 sheets wrapped in paper.

8 Sheet Multi-Pack - Includes 4 sheets of Natural and 2 sheets each of Light Red Brown and Light Warm Grey. 10×12" cut sheets.

22 Sheet Multi-Pack - Includes 4 sheets of Natural and 2 sheets of all 9 other colors. 10×12" cut sheets.

Shell Paper Art Gallery

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Phenomenon Shell Paper
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Brownspacer5-PackBrown83320$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackBrown83330$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Chinese Redspacer5-PackChinese Red83321$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackChinese Red83331$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Light Brown Redspacer5-PackLight Brown Red83322$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackLight Brown Red83332$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Light Warm Greyspacer5-PackLight Warm Grey83323$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackLight Warm Grey83333$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Multi-colorspacer8-PackMulti-color83340$18.67$12.47IN STOCK
spacer22-PackMulti-color83341$38.43$25.99IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Naturalspacer5-PackNatural83324$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackNatural83334$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Pale Bluespacer5-PackPale Blue83325$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackPale Blue83335$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Pale Greenspacer5-PackPale Green83326$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackPale Green83336$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Red Orangespacer5-PackRed Orange83327$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackRed Orange83337$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Warm Greyspacer5-PackWarm Grey83328$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackWarm Grey83338$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
Phenomenon Shell Paper - Yellowspacer5-PackYellow83329$31.15$20.79IN STOCK
spacer25-PackYellow83339$124.75$83.19IN STOCK
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