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UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper

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Offers consistent resistance to soft or oil pastels.
Offers consistent resistance to soft or oil pastels.
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Offers consistent resistance to soft or oil pastels.
Artwork by Carol Santora
Artwork by Debra Nadelhoffer
Artwork by Harvey Segal
Artwork by Linda Richichi
Artwork by Lynda Schumacher
Artwork by Marilyn Houston Smith
Artwork by Diane Edwards
Artwork by Diane Edwards
Artwork by Donna Timm
UART Pastel Paper
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uArt Professional Premium Pastel Paper. Sanded pastel paper for many media, underpainting, colored pencils, watercolors and pastels

Professional Sanded Paper Great for Underpainting

UART Sanded Pastel Paper is designed for the artist that seeks quality and consistency in their painting surface. Our computer-controlled electrostatic coating process results in a consistent grain application. This, along with our high quality standards provide the artist with a uniform work surface that remains constant.

UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper is pH neutral and acid free. UART Pastel Paper accepts underpainting using a wide variety of media such as water, oil, mineral spirits, turpenoid and alcohol. After the underpainting process, the tooth still holds many layers of pastel and the grain will remain affixed to the paper.

UART Pastel Paper is available in seven grades from 240 to 800. The 240 has the largest tooth available in a sanded pastel paper. The 280 and 320 are great for the artist that wants a little extra layering. The UART Pastel Paper 400 has proven to be a favorite of pastel artist's. The finest tooth is our 800 grade, popular for colored pencil as well as pastel. The 500 and 600 grades provide a moderate tooth. With seven grades to offer, UART meets the needs of the artists.

UART Sanded Pastel paper is the choice of many professional pastel, colored pencil, charcoal and water color artists. Its texture is ideal for pastel drawings where consistency is demanded

UART Pastel Paper will accept multiple applications of soft and hard pastels, as well as watercolor and oil washes. Great results have also been achieved using other mediums too.

  • Multiple Grades, Various Resistances!
  • Available in 7 grades from 240 to 800
  • Neutral pH, acid free
  • See the videos using: Water Pastels, Pastels and Colored Pencils

uART pastel paper is an excellent surface for holding many layers. Trust your work on uArt Premium Pastel Paper

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UART Pastel Boards

Jerry's Exclusive!
UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper
UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper

Professional Sanded Paper Great for Underpainting! Exclusive Offer! Get 10 Sheets for the price of 8! Includes: 240-800 grade 10 packs. Starting at $1.89 per sheet. *Offer valid while supplies last. Certain items not eligible, see product page for details.

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UART Pastel Paper
UART Sanded Pastel Paper - spacer240 Grade 10-Pack9x12"V06737A$29.69$24.79IN STOCK
spacer240 Grade 10-Pack12x18"V06744A$61.49$51.19IN STOCK
spacer240 Grade 10-Pack21x27"V06753A$140.59$86.49IN STOCK
UART Sanded Pastel Paper - spacer280 Grade 10-Pack9x12"V06738A$29.69$24.79IN STOCK
spacer280 Grade 10-Pack12x18"V06745A$61.49$51.19IN STOCK
spacer280 Grade 10-Pack21x27"V06754A$140.59$86.49IN STOCK
UART Sanded Pastel Paper - spacer320 Grade 10-Pack9x12"V06739A$29.69$24.79IN STOCK
spacer320 Grade 10-Pack12x18"V06746A$61.49$51.19IN STOCK
spacer320 Grade 10-Pack21x27"V06755A$140.59$86.49IN STOCK
UART Sanded Pastel Paper - spacer400 Grade 10-Pack9x12"V06740A$29.69$24.79IN STOCK
spacer400 Grade 10-Pack12x18"V06747A$61.49$51.19IN STOCK
spacer400 Grade 10-Pack18x24"V06751A$97.89$82.89IN STOCK
spacer400 Grade 10-Pack21x27"77747A$140.59$86.59IN STOCK
spacer400 Grade 10-Pack27x40"77751A$276.99$158.69OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/08/2015)
spacer400 Grade Roll56"x9.85 Yards77755$339.75$201.99IN STOCK
UART Sanded Pastel Paper - spacer500 Grade 10-Pack9x12"V06741A$29.69$24.79IN STOCK
spacer500 Grade 10-Pack12x18"V06748A$61.49$51.19IN STOCK
spacer500 Grade 10-Pack18x24"V06752A$97.89$82.89IN STOCK
spacer500 Grade 10-Pack21x27"77748A$140.59$86.59IN STOCK
spacer500 Grade 10-Pack27x40"77752A$276.99$158.69IN STOCK
spacer500 Grade Roll56"x9.85 Yards77756$339.75$201.99IN STOCK
UART Sanded Pastel Paper - spacer600 Grade 10-Pack9x12"V06742A$29.69$24.79IN STOCK
spacer600 Grade 10-Pack12x18"V06749A$61.49$51.19IN STOCK
spacer600 Grade 10-Pack21x27"77749A$140.59$86.59IN STOCK
spacer600 Grade 10-Pack27x40"77753A$276.99$158.69IN STOCK
spacer600 Grade Roll56"x9.85 Yards77757$339.75$201.99IN STOCK
UART Sanded Pastel Paper - spacer800 Grade 10-Pack9x12"V06743A$29.69$24.79IN STOCK
spacer800 Grade 10-Pack12x18"V06750A$61.49$51.19IN STOCK
spacer800 Grade 10-Pack21x27"77750A$140.59$86.59OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/18/2015)
spacer800 Grade 10-Pack27x40"77754A$276.99$158.69OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/30/2015)
spacer800 Grade Roll56"x9.85 Yards77758$339.75$201.99IN STOCK
UART Sanded Pastel Paper - spacerSampler Set21x27"77747B$98.89$62.99OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/18/2015)
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