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Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord

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Available in Gray, Green, Sand, and White for hand-tinting.
Available in Gray, Green, Sand, and White for hand-tinting.
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Available in Gray, Green, Sand, and White for hand-tinting.
Pastels go on smooth, blend beautifully, and colors stay rich and vibrant.
Exceptional for both wet and dry pastel painting.
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(Sale Ends 12/31/2015)
  • Exquisite Sanded Surface - Pastelbord's unique surface is a hand-applied kaolin clay ground textured with fine marble dust granules. Holds more pastel layers than any other surface! Available in Gray, Green, Sand, and White for hand-tinting.
  • Unmatched Techniques - Perfect for soft or oil pastels and pastel pencils. Pastels go on smooth, blend beautifully, and colors stay rich and vibrant. Exceptional for both wet and dry pastel painting.
  • Not Just for Pastels - Achieve amazing results with acrylics, oils, watercolors, gouache, charcoal and more
Ampersand™ panels are made from FSC certified sustainable US forest products. We use completely green manufacturing processes that protect the natural environment. No harmful chemicals used, no dangerous emissions for artists. A smart choice.

Eco Friendly Products!

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Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord
Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord - 4 Color SamplerspacerFour Pack5x7"4 Color Sampler63375$13.11$9.19$7.87OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/27/2015)
Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord - Deep GreenspacerThree Pack5x7"Deep Green58162$11.79$8.29$7.07IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board8x10"Deep Green53243$8.48$5.99$5.09IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board11x14"Deep Green53244$12.12$8.49$7.27IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board16x20"Deep Green53245$21.93$15.39$13.16IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board18x24"Deep Green58170$26.12$18.29$15.67IN STOCK
Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord - GreyspacerThree Pack5x7"Grey58161$11.79$8.29$7.07IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board6x6"Grey71026$6.94$4.89$4.16IN STOCK
spacerThree Pack6x8"GreyV15440$16.17$11.29$9.70IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board6x12"Grey71027$8.26$5.79$4.96IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board8x8"GreyV15441$6.78$4.79$4.07IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board8x10"Grey47764$8.48$5.99$5.09IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board9x12"Grey47765$10.47$7.29$6.28IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board6x18"Grey71028$11.01$7.69$6.61IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board11x14"Grey47766$12.12$8.49$7.27IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board12x12"Grey63374$13.11$9.19$7.87IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board12x16"Grey47767$14.88$10.39$8.93IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board14x18"Grey47768$18.19$12.69$10.91IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board16x20"Grey47769$21.93$15.39$13.16IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board18x24"Grey47770$26.12$18.29$15.67IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board24x36"Grey58173$37.26$25.99$22.36IN STOCK
Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord - SandspacerThree Pack5x7"Sand58163$11.79$8.29$7.07IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board8x10"Sand53246$8.48$5.99$5.09IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board9x12"Sand81857$10.47$7.29$6.28IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board11x14"Sand53247$12.12$8.49$7.27IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board12x12"SandV15442$13.11$9.19$7.87IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board12x16"Sand81858$14.88$10.39$8.93IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board16x20"Sand53248$21.93$15.39$13.16IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board18x24"Sand58171$26.12$18.29$15.67IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board24x36"SandV15443$37.26$25.99$22.36IN STOCK
Ampersand Museum Series Pastelbord - WhitespacerThree Pack5x7"White58164$11.79$8.29$7.07IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board6x6"White71029$6.94$4.89$4.16IN STOCK
spacerThree Pack6x8"WhiteV15444$16.17$11.29$9.70IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board6x12"White71030$8.26$5.79$4.96IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board8x8"WhiteV15445$6.78$4.79$4.07IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board8x10"White58165$8.48$5.99$5.09IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board9x12"White58166$10.47$7.29$6.28IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board6x18"White71031$11.01$7.69$6.61IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board11x14"White58167$12.12$8.49$7.27IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board12x12"WhiteV15446$13.11$9.19$7.87IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board12x16"White58168$14.88$10.39$8.93IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board16x20"White58169$21.93$15.39$13.16IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board18x24"White58172$26.12$18.29$15.67IN STOCK
spacerSingle Board24x36"WhiteV15447$37.26$25.99$22.36IN STOCK
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