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Mountain Peak Handmade Lokta Paper Full Sheet Packs

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Everest Colors
"Everest" Colors
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Everest Colors
Mountain Peak Paper Handmade Journal by Kelly McKay
Mountain Peak Paper Collage Stool by Robert King
Mountain Peak Paper Collage by Deidre Dameron
Mountain Peak Paper Jewelry by Caroline King
Wood Block Stamp on Mountain Peak Paper by Kim Ridge
Mountain Peak Paper Collage by Kerry Anderson

Beautiful, eco-friendly paper handmade in Nepal!

Lokta paper has been hand-crafted in the highlands of Nepal for almost a thousand years, and is prized the world over for its strength, durability, and unique beauty! Made from the inner bark of the Daphne bush, Lokta paper is still entirely handmade in a centuries-old process requiring the use of virtually no fossil fuels, and the bushes it's made from replenish within 4-6 years after being harvested — a sustainable product using renewable resources. In addition, the handmade paper-making industry supports hundreds of rural Nepalese villagers who also use the cast-off from the Daphne bush as fuel, so there is no waste in production!

Featuring four deckled edges that come from being individually hand poured, each sheet of Lokta paper is unique and distinctive. The long fibers of the Daphne plant make for an incredibly strong and durable paper that can withstand heavy use, and the fibers are naturally acid-free and resistant to insect damage, ensuring their longevity for years to come! Lokta paper is perfect for practically any artistic purpose: from dry media drawing to screen printing, calligraphy to pastels — but it lends itself especially well to paper crafts such as scrapbooking, collage, mixed media and bookbinding. You can even coat Lokta paper with Golden Digital Ground for brilliant ink jet prints!

Mountain Peak Lokta is an especially fine example of this ages-old handmade paper, excelling in consistency and vibrancy of color. Available in packs of ten 20 x 30" sheets in six color collections, there is a rainbow of choice for all your paper arts! Experience the unique beauty of this ages-old handmade paper with Mountain Peak Lokta!

  • Eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable
  • Handmade from renewable resources using virtually no fossil fuels
  • Industry supports rural villagers in Nepal
  • Long fiber for exceptionally strong and durable paper
  • As they are individually handmade, each sheet is unique and distinctive!
  • Available in packs of ten 20 x 30" sheets in 6 color collections
  • Perfect for book arts, collage, drawing, printmaking, pastel, digital prints and more!
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Lokta Paper Packs
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