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Strathmore Artist Tiles

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Strathmore Zentangle Gift Set
Strathmore Zentangle Gift Set
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Strathmore Zentangle Gift Set
Zentangle Gift Set
Artist tiles for drawing and meditative art!
All Tiles
Accepts all types of pens and graphite!
Bristol Vellum
Accepts wet media, drawing pens, marking pens, and technical pens!
Accepts drawing pens, gel ink pens, marking pens, and any dry media!
Accepts gel ink pens and opaque pens!
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(Sale Ends 12/31/2014)
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Experience art through pattern drawing on Strathmore® Artist Tiles!

Clear your mind and become more focused and relaxed. Enjoy the creative, approachable process of pattern drawing by combining repetitive marks, circles, lines, and forms to create small pieces of art. Strathmore makes it even easier with affordable, pre-cut artist tiles in appropriate paper surfaces and sizes. Paper types are suitable for common techniques and media used in patterning and meditative art. Available in packs, glue bound and wire bound pads.

  • NEW! Strathmore Zentangle Gift Set- This gift set is the perfect way to learn how to doodle with Zentangle! Included are the Zentangle Basics Book, a Strathmore 400 Recycled Sketch Pad, Strathmore Artist Tiles, a Creative Mark Mesh Bag and Acurit Technical Drawing Pen Set.
  • 300 Series Bristol Vellum Artist Tiles – The 100lb, vellum surface Bristol Artist Tiles accept calligraphy pens, gel ink pens, marking pens, technical pens, graphite and colored pencils. They are available in glue-bound pads of 20 sheets and packs of 20 loose sheets. This paper is acid-free
  • 400 Series Black Artist Tiles – The 60lb, medium surface Black Artist Tiles accept gel ink pens and opaque pens. Their coal-black paper contains 30% post-consumer fiber. They are available in glue-bound pads of 30 sheets.
  • 400 Series Sketch Artist Tiles – The 60lb, fine-tooth-surface Sketch Artist Tiles accept drawing pens, gel ink pens, marking pens, and any dry media. Their heavy-weight, acid-free sketch paper contains 30% post-consume fiber. They are available in 70 sheet, wire-bound pads with a perforated edge.
  • 400 Series Watercolor Artist Tiles – The 400lb, cold press Watercolor Artist Tiles accept all wet media types, drawing pens, marking pens and technical pens. Their strong, acid-free surface allows for lifting and scraping applications, as well as fine and even washes. They are available in glue-bound pads of 10 sheets or packs of 10 loose sheets.

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Strathmore Artist Tiles
Strathmore Artist Tiles - spacerStrathmore Artist Tiles Strathmore Zentangle Gift SetV15173A$48.76$27.19$25.99OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/15/2014)
Additional Information.
Strathmore Artist Tiles - NaturalspacerStrathmore Artist Tiles 300 Bristol Vellum4x4" 20pkNaturalV15168$4.99$3.00$2.74OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/14/2014)
spacerStrathmore Artist Tiles 300 Bristol Vellum Pad6x6" 20pgsNaturalV15170$7.99$4.80$4.39IN STOCK
Strathmore Artist Tiles - BlackspacerStrathmore Artist Tiles 400 Artagain Pad6x6" 30pgsBlackV15172$7.99$4.80$4.39OUT OF STOCK
(till 11/14/2014)
Strathmore Artist Tiles - NaturalspacerStrathmore Artist Tiles 400 Recycled Sketch Pad6x6" 70pgsNaturalV15173$4.99$3.00$2.74IN STOCK
Strathmore Artist Tiles - NaturalspacerStrathmore Artist Tiles 400 Watercolor Cold Press4x4" 10pkNaturalV15169$4.99$3.00$2.74IN STOCK
spacerStrathmore Artist Tiles 400 Watercolor Cold Press Pad6x6" 10pgsNaturalV15171$7.99$4.80$4.39IN STOCK
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