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Daler-Rowney Canford Cardstock

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A wide selection of vibrant colors!
A wide selection of vibrant colors!
Save $34.11 off List
(Sale Ends 08/23/2015)

Heavyweight, vibrant cardstock for any craft!

Daler-Rowney's Canford cardstock is an ideal addition to any paper crafter's repertoire! Made from heavyweight (300gsm / 140lb) acid- and lignin-free paper, Canford cardstock is both durable and versatile, and in addition to artwork, can be used in scoring, embossing, cutting, and folding for any kind of paper sculpture option! Available in a range of colors both brilliant and subtle, you are sure to find the perfect cardstock shade to match any project. Great for all dry media drawing, as well as card making, scrapbooking, printmaking, collage, decorative arts, professional presentation, invitations, bookbinding and more!

  • Sturdy, acid- and lignin-free cardstock
  • 300gsm (140lb) weight
  • Sheets measure 20.5 x 30.5"
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Inkjet and laser printer compatible
  • Ideal for artwork in any dry media!
  • Perfect for any paper project!

SAVE 55% OFF LISTSave $34.11 off List(Sale Ends 08/23/2015)
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Canford Cardstock - Amethystspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"AmethystV05309A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Aquaspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"AquaV05310A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Azure Bluespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Azure BlueV05311A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Barleyspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"BarleyV05312A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Blushspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"BlushV05313A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Bright Redspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Bright RedV05314A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Bubblegumspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"BubblegumV05315A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Buttercupspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"ButtercupV05316A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Champagnespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"ChampagneV05317A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Cherryspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"CherryV05318A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - China Whitespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"China WhiteV05319A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Coffeespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"CoffeeV05320A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Dreadnought Greyspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Dreadnought GreyV05321A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Dresden Yellowspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Dresden YellowV05322A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Electric Bluespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Electric BlueV05323A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Emeraldspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"EmeraldV05324A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Forestspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"ForestV05325A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Frosted Goldspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Frosted GoldV05326A$62.00$30.99$27.89OUT OF STOCK
(till 07/30/2015)
Canford Cardstock - Frosted Silverspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Frosted SilverV05327A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Guardsman Redspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Guardsman RedV05328A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Gun Metalspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Gun MetalV05329A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Ice Whitespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Ice WhiteV05330A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Ivoryspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"IvoryV05331A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Jet Blackspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Jet BlackV05332A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Jewel Greenspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Jewel GreenV05333A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Kingfisherspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"KingfisherV05334A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Mintspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"MintV05335A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Mochaspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"MochaV05336A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Navy Bluespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Navy BlueV05337A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Ocean Bluespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Ocean BlueV05338A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Pale Lilacspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Pale LilacV05339A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Plumspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"PlumV05340A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Royal Bluespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Royal BlueV05341A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Royal Purplespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Royal PurpleV05342A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Snow Whitespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"Snow WhiteV05343A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Tangerinespacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"TangerineV05344A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
Canford Cardstock - Terracottaspacer10-Pack20.5x30.5"TerracottaV05345A$62.00$30.99$27.89IN STOCK
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