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Winsor & Newton Oil Color Mediums

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Mediums are ready-made mixtures of solvent and linseed oil.

Artists' Painting Medium - Used to improve the flow of oil colors as a thinning medium. It dries to a flexible film which has a minimum tendency to yellow, wrinkle or crack. In glass bottle.

Liquin - Thins the consistency, controls the flow and speeds the drying of oil and alkyd colors. Dries to a virtually non-yellowing film when used for glazing. In glass bottle.

Liquin Fine Detail - Speeds up drying of oils and alkyds. Fluid consistency for fine detail and smooth blending. Improves flow. Non-yellowing, gloss finish. In glass bottle.

Liquin Impasto - Speeds up drying of oils and alkyds. Improves flow and increases translucency. Excellent for glazing. Non-yellowing, satin finish. In glass bottle.

Liquin Oleopasto - A companion product to the Liquin Impasto medium, but Oleopasto dries quicker and thickens rapidly. It is softer than Liquin Impasto medium, so it levels out brush strokes. Semi-matte finish.

Liquin Light Gel - Speeds up drying of oils and alkyds. A gel like consistency that breaks down on brushing and flows to give a non-drip effect. Excellent for glazing. Non-yellowing, semi-gloss finish. In glass bottle.

PLEASE NOTE: All products in this category are hazardous materials: Cannot ship by Air/Next Day Services. Ground Only.

Winsor & Newton Artists' Painting Medium
Winsor & Newton Liquin Fine Detail Medium
Winsor & Newton Liquin Impasto Medium
Winsor & Newton Liquin Light Gel Medium
Winsor & Newton Liquin Medium
Winsor & Newton Liquin Olepasto Medium

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