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Sennelier Oil Color Drying Oils

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Clarified Linseed Oils
Clarified Linseed Oils
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Clarified Linseed Oils
Safflower Oil, 250 ml Bottle
Poppy Seed Oil, 250 ml Bottle
Essential Mineral Oil, 75 ml Bottle
Stand Oil, 250 ml Bottle
Boiled Linseed Oil, 250 ml Bottle
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Boiled Linseed Oil - Provides texture and roundness to the brushstroke. Dries more quickly than normal linseed oil. Provides a glossy, slightly amber-colored film. Best with dark colors, avoid excess.

Clarified Linseed Oil - Purified oil, with a natural amber tint. Adds body to the paste. Very transparent, but has a tendency to yellow over time. Best with dark or slow drying colors. Does not affect drying time. Avoid excess.

Essential Mineral Oil - Evaporates less quickly than petroleum spirits. Creamy texture under the brush and leaves no trace after evaporation. Allows the paste to remain fresh longer while working. May be used to clean fresh paint from brushes.

Poppy Seed Oil - Extracted from poppy seeds, clearer and with less yellowing than linseed oils. Recommended for light colors, blues in particular. The drying sped may be balances by adding the correct amount of Sennelier Courtrai Drier. Avoid excess. 

Safflower Oil - Clarified vegetable oil, a good drier with low acidity. Characterized by resistance to yellowing and excellent compatibility with pigments. Mix with oil colors to accentuate their fluidity, transparency and gloss without altering the hue's brilliance during drying.   

Stand Linseed Oil - Full bodied, very bright, clear, honey-like viscosity medium made by heating pure linseed. Improves transparency, fluidity and smoothes brushstroke. Slows drying, slightly yellowing.

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Clarified Linseed Oil250 ml Bottle72004$20.40$15.50$13.87IN STOCK
This item is hazardous, additional shipping restrictions may apply.
Clarified Linseed Oil500 ml Bottle72005$34.50$26.22$23.46IN STOCK
Clarified Linseed Oil1 Litre Bottle72006$53.60$40.74$36.45IN STOCK
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Essential Mineral Oil75 ml Bottle72024$12.80$9.73IN STOCK
This item is hazardous, additional shipping restrictions may apply.
Poppy Seed Oil250 ml Bottle72008$45.00$34.20IN STOCK
Safflower Oil75 ml Bottle50409$13.50$10.26$9.18IN STOCK
Safflower Oil250 ml Bottle72007$26.80$20.37$18.22IN STOCK
Stand Linseed Oil250 ml Bottle72031$31.30$23.79$21.28IN STOCK
This item is hazardous, additional shipping restrictions may apply.
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