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Maimeri Rinascimento Traditionally Made Oil Colors

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Maimeri Rinascimento Traditionally Made Oil Colors
Maimeri Rinascimento Traditionally Made Oil Colors
Save up to $10.24 off List
(Sale Ends 10/18/2014)

Paint like the old masters with these Renaissance-inspired oil colors!


This exciting new line of oil colors from Maimeri offers the look and feel of classic Renaissance paint formulas brought into the modern era. Made with highly lightfast, traditionally ground pigments mixed with a non-yellowing walnut oil binder, this range of artists' oils faithfully replicates the colors used during the Italian Renaissance, without using the same harsh and toxic pigments. Many pigments in this range correspond to the ancient originals; others replace, in calibrated and perfect imitation, compounds of heavy metals that, due to their toxicity, should no longer be used. This also provides for a safe mixture of colors, eliminating any risk of alteration. Research into ancient pigments made it possible to select the finest and most stable colors, eliminating problems with incompatible substances once hard to mix. Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Colors are fully mixable with other lines of oil paint.

  • Oil colors made in the style of the Italian Renaissance
  • Highly lightfast traditional and modern pigments
  • Non-yellowing, crystal clear walnut oil binder
  • Highly toxic pigments have been eliminated
  • Paint like the old masters!

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Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Colors
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Bistrespacer40ml TubeBistreV06756$12.99$7.79$6.50IN STOCK
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Cerusespacer40ml TubeCeruseV06757$12.99$7.79$6.50OUT OF STOCK
(till 08/23/2014)
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Greek Greenspacer40ml TubeGreek GreenV06758$20.49$12.29$10.25IN STOCK
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Kermes Lakespacer40ml TubeKermes LakeV06759$14.99$8.99$7.50IN STOCK
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Malachite Greenspacer40ml TubeMalachite GreenV06760$20.49$12.29$10.25OUT OF STOCK
(till 09/10/2014)
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Michelangelo Bluespacer40ml TubeMichelangelo BlueV06761$12.99$7.79$6.50IN STOCK
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Mummyspacer40ml TubeMummyV06762$12.99$7.79$6.50IN STOCK
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Murano Bluespacer40ml TubeMurano BlueV06763$14.99$8.99$7.50IN STOCK
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Paris Redspacer40ml TubeParis RedV06764$14.99$8.99$7.50IN STOCK
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Vasari Yellowspacer40ml TubeVasari YellowV06765$14.99$8.99$7.50IN STOCK
Maimeri Rinascimento Oil Color - Vermilionspacer40ml TubeVermilionV06766$14.99$8.99$7.50IN STOCK
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