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Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Colors Large Whites

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We sell 110 ml Tubes so you get more for your money!
We sell 110 ml Tubes so you get more for your money!
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(Sale Ends 12/31/2015)
Ceramic White - Combines the most positive qualities of other painting whites when taken collectivley. it contains non-toxic titanium and strontium pigment which will not react with sulphur. Offers superior surface strength without brittleness, increases tinting and covering power over lead and zinc. When compared to titanium white, increases transparency, drying time and visual whiteness, as well as excellent handling qualities.

Permanent White - A titanium white with similar handling qualities but with a barium sulphate additive which inhibits yellowing in early drying while reducing tinting power and increasing transparency.

Quick Drying White - A new underpainting white made of titanium white, calcium carbonate, poppy oil, alkyd resin and petroleum solvent. It will dry, if not mixed with slower drying oil color, in 4 to 6 hours when applied in normal thickness, and 12-18 hours when applied thicky in impasto. Non-toxic, virtually non-yellowing, non-reactive to sulphur and inert with strong adhesion qualities. Quick Drying White will dry matte, but blends easily with medium and varnishes to a gloss finish. In impasto, it will dry to the consistency of raw rubber so the surface may be carved successfully.

Silver (Flake) White - One of the first artificially produced pigments, white lead mixes well with oil to a smooth uniform viscosity. It has excellent opacity and brush handling qualities. Toxic in nature it will react by darkening when exposed to sulphur compounds or fumes.

Titanium White - Inert and non-reactive in most ordInary conditions. It has greater opacity than lead or zinc, but tends to yellow in the short term. It is slower drying than lead, but faster than zinc. It handles and mxes well, is non-toxic and surface qualities may be strengthened by mixing with zinc oxide which helps reduces as the sometimes too intense tinting power inherent in titanium pigment.

Zinc White - Zinc Oxide is more transparent than lead and its surface qualities are more brittle. It does not have the same brushing qualities, is slower drying, but is non-toxic and does not react to sulphur and whiter than lead.

The swatches in this category show the color white mixed with 50% Crimson Lake.

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Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Colors Large Whites
Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Color - Ceramic Whitespacer50 ml TubeCeramic White48905$33.50$25.19$20.10IN STOCK
spacer110 ml TubeCeramic White48906$63.00$47.29$37.80IN STOCK
Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Color - Permanent White Extraspacer50 ml TubePermanent White Extra48908$16.40$12.29$9.84IN STOCK
spacer110 ml TubePermanent White Extra48909$31.60$23.69$18.96IN STOCK
Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Color - Permanent White Soft Formulaspacer110 ml TubePermanent White Soft Formula48862$38.00$28.49$22.80IN STOCK
Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Color - Quick Drying Whitespacer110 ml TubeQuick Drying White48910$31.60$23.69$18.96IN STOCK
spacer170 ml TubeQuick Drying White48911$44.50$33.39$26.70IN STOCK
Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Color - Silver Whitespacer110 ml TubeSilver White48907$38.00$28.49$22.80IN STOCK
Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Color - Titanium Whitespacer110 ml TubeTitanium White48912$38.00$28.49$22.80IN STOCK
Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Color - Zinc Whitespacer110 ml TubeZinc White48913$38.00$28.49$22.80IN STOCK
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