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Grumbacher Oil Colors, Paints and Mediums

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Grumbacher has grown considerably as a favorite amongst artists and students since it was founded in 1905 by Max Grumbacher. Originally, the modest company imported and sold just paint brushes. Today, Grumbacher is a world-reknowned manufacturer of fine artist's paints and materials. Grumbacher has something for everyone, and every product has been time-tested to assure lasting quality. Grumbacher offers products for artists including oil, water-miscible oil, watercolor and acrylic paints, as well as brushes and painting media. Grumbacher offers 2 lines for collegiate and professional grade artists. The collegiate brand Grumbacher Academy Oil Paints consists of Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor Paints. The Grumbacher professional line is the Grumbacher MAX a water-mixable oil paint. Also available is the Grumbacher PRETESTED oil paints in 90 colors which are conventional linseed-oil based paints for professional artists. (see more below)

Grumbacher Academy Oil Paints and Colors

Grumbacher Academy Oil Paints
Grumbacher Academy Oil Colors and Fine Paints
Offers a quality line of 30 colors at an affordable price.

Academy Oil Paint Set
Grumbacher Academy Oil Paints Sets
Contains 3 Oil Color Brushes, 2 Painitng Knives, Messenger Bag and 6 24ml tubes of Academy Oil Color Paints

Grumbacher MAX Water-Mixable Oil Paints

MAX Water-Mixable Oil Paints
Grumbacher MAX Artist Oils
You can mix traditional oils into these colors in small amounts and still retain its "water friendliness."

MAX Water-Mixable Oil Color Mediums
Grumbacher MAX Water-Mixable Water Color Mediums
These oils have a rich buttery consistency with the same feel and performance of conventional oils.

Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oil Colors, Paints and Mediums

Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oil Paints
Grumbacher Pretested Oil Paints and Colors
High Chroma, Archival Quality, Excellent Adhesion, Superior Tinting Strength

Pre-Tested Oil Color Mediums
Grumbacher MAX Water-Mixable Mediums
Grumbacher is dedicated to making sure that the original paint attributes are not compromised, but enhanced through the use of painting mediums.

Grumbacher Academy Oil Colors
Grumbacher Academy Oil Color Sets
Grumbacher MAX Water-Mixable Oil Colors
Grumbacher MAX Water-Mixable Oil Color Sets
Grumbacher MAX Water-Mixable Oil Color Mediums
Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oil Colors
Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oil Color Sets
Grumbacher Pre-Tested Oil Color Mediums

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