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Charvin Oil Color Gums and Resins

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Charvin Carnauba Wax
Charvin Carnauba Wax
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Charvin Carnauba Wax
Carnauba Wax
Charvin Copal Gum
Copal Gum
Charvin Dammar Gum
Dammar Gum
Charvin Gum Arabic Granules
Gum Arabic
Charvin Sandragon
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Traditional gums and resins for creating mediums, varnishes and more!

Even with the relatively recent advent of pre-made paints, mediums and varnishes, there are still artists who prefer to follow the tradition of mixing and preparing their own materials from scratch, using recipes that are centuries-old. For these painters, sometimes the method is as important as the result, and understanding one's materials from the ground up can be a tremendous aid in producing paintings of depth and beauty. If you, too, would like to return to the methods of the old masters, then these traditional gums and resins from Charvin are the perfect place to start! Made from natural materials just as in ages past, these gums and resins are truly the basis for art as we know it!

  • Adragante Gum (Gum Tragacanth) - Traditional binder for artists' pastels.
  • Carnauba Wax - Matting agent and additive for encaustics.
  • Copal Gum - Heat-dissolved resin for varnish and mediums.
  • Dammar Gum - Traditional ingredient in varnish and mediums.
  • Genuine Shellac in Spangles (Flakes) - Alcohol-soluble polymer for varnish.
  • Gum Arabic Granules - Binder for watercolors and gouache.
  • Gum Gutte - Resist for batik and silk painting.
  • Mastic Resin - Ingredient for varnish and megilp medium.
  • Rabbit Skin Glue Granules - For sizing canvas and making grounds.
  • Sandaraque - Rigid resin for varnishes.
  • Sandragon - Red resin for pigment and ruby varnish.

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Charvin Oil Paint Gums and Resins
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerAdragante Gum (Gum Tragacanth)100 ml Bottle83051$36.25$24.29$19.39IN STOCK
spacerAdragante Gum (Gum Tragacanth)250 ml Bottle83052$64.55$43.25$38.39IN STOCK
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerCarnauba Wax100 ml Bottle83060$42.75$28.69$22.89IN STOCK
spacerCarnauba Wax250 ml Bottle83061$75.00$50.25$44.69IN STOCK
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerCopal Gum100 ml Bottle83053$36.25$24.29$19.39IN STOCK
spacerCopal Gum250 ml Bottle83054$64.55$43.25$38.39IN STOCK
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerDamar Gum100 ml Bottle83048$36.25$24.29$19.39IN STOCK
spacerDamar Gum250 ml Bottle83049$71.75$47.99$38.39IN STOCK
spacerDamar Gum1.5 Litre Bottle83050$148.77$107.16$68.14IN STOCK
Clearance Item.
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerGen Shellac in Spangles (Flakes)100 ml Bottle83056$50.00$33.49$26.79IN STOCK
spacerGen Shellac in Spangles (Flakes)250 ml Bottle83057$89.97$60.29$53.59IN STOCK
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerGum Arabic Granules100 ml Bottle83045$36.25$24.29$19.39IN STOCK
spacerGum Arabic Granules250 ml Bottle83046$71.75$47.99$38.39IN STOCK
spacerGum Arabic Granules1.5 Litre Bottle83047$216.77$156.10$99.24IN STOCK
Clearance Item.
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerGum Gutte100 ml Bottle83069$163.65$109.65$97.39IN STOCK
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerMastic Resin100 ml Bottle83065$166.50$111.59$89.29IN STOCK
spacerMastic Resin250 ml Bottle83066$299.90$200.95$178.69IN STOCK
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerRabbit Skin Glue Granules100 ml Bottle83042$22.75$15.29$12.19IN STOCK
spacerRabbit Skin Glue Granules250 ml Bottle83043$40.00$26.79$21.39IN STOCK
spacerRabbit Skin Glue Granules1.5 Litre Bottle83044$110.19$79.34$50.20IN STOCK
Clearance Item.
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerSandaraque100 ml Bottle83071$37.80$25.35$22.59IN STOCK
spacerSandaraque250 ml Bottle83072$75.65$50.69$44.99IN STOCK
Charvin Extra-Fine - spacerSandragon100 ml Bottle83073$111.50$74.69$66.39IN STOCK
spacerSandragon250 ml Bottle83074$223.00$149.39$132.79IN STOCK
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