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Lukas Illu-Inks

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27 Brilliant, inter-mixable colors
27 Brilliant, inter-mixable colors
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27 Brilliant, inter-mixable colors
Smooth and fluid application
30ml Bottle
250ml Bottle
Ideal for caligraphy
Great for use with Airbrushes
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Perfectly pigmented inks for airbrush, calligraphy or brush application!

LUKAS Illu-Color Inks are an adaptable artistic medium that can be used for a number of different applications. This line of 27 well-balanced colors feature a high lightfast rating, water-resistance when dried, and are all inter-mixable. Illu-Color Inks apply excellently to all solid, non-chalky, grease-free surfaces. Smooth surfaces should be primed with LUKAS Airbrush Primer prior to application. Depending on the thickness of the layer, Illu-Color Inks can range from transparent to opaque.

Key Features:

  • 27 brilliant, inter-mixable ink colors
  • Smooth and fluid application
  • High lightfast ratings
  • Ink can be reworked while it is still wet, but is permanent once dried
  • Available in 30ml pipette-bottles and 250ml bottles
  • Opacity ranges from transparent to opaque, depending on the layer thickness


Perfect For:

  • Artists of all skill levels
  • Mixed-media, calligraphy and airbrushed works of art
  • Mixing colors
  • Use on all solid, non-chalky, grease-free surfaces
  • Students, artists, hobbyists, studios, classrooms and teachers
  • Applying with an airbrush, brush, pen, or ink-brush


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Lukas Illu-Inks
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - BlackspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleBlackV15343$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleBlackV15370$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Caput Mortum LightspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleCaput Mortum LightV15344$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleCaput Mortum LightV15371$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Cinnabar Red DeepspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleCinnabar Red DeepV15345$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleCinnabar Red DeepV15372$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Cinnabar Red LightspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleCinnabar Red LightV15346$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleCinnabar Red LightV15373$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - CyanspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleCyanV15347$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleCyanV15374$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/01/2014)
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Deep GreenspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleDeep GreenV15348$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleDeep GreenV15375$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - FleshspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleFleshV15349$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Gold GreenspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleGold GreenV15350$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Gold MetallicspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleGold MetallicV15351$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Gold YellowspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleGold YellowV15352$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleGold YellowV15376$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Grey 4spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleGrey 4V15353$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Indian YellowspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleIndian YellowV15354$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Lemon YellowspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleLemon YellowV15355$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleLemon YellowV15377$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Light GreenspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleLight GreenV15356$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleLight GreenV15378$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - MagentaspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleMagentaV15357$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleMagentaV15379$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - OlivespacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleOliveV15358$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/18/2014)
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - OrangespacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleOrangeV15359$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - SepiaspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleSepiaV15360$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleSepiaV15380$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Silver MetallicspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleSilver MetallicV15361$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Super WhitespacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleSuper WhiteV15362$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleSuper WhiteV15381$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - TurquoisespacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleTurquoiseV15363$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Ultramarine DeepspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleUltramarine DeepV15364$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59OUT OF STOCK
(till 10/26/2014)
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleUltramarine DeepV15382$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Ultramarine LightspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleUltramarine LightV15365$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Ultramarine VioletspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleUltramarine VioletV15366$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Van Dyck BrownspacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleVan Dyck BrownV15367$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - WhitespacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleWhiteV15368$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
spacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink250ml BottleWhiteV15383$19.50$10.49$8.99$6.69IN STOCK
LUKAS Illu-Color Ink - Yellow OchrespacerLUKAS Illu-Color Ink30ml BottleYellow OchreV15369$7.70$3.99$3.49$2.59IN STOCK
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