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Classique Frames

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Classique Frames come in 4 traditional, yet simple styles.
Classique Frames come in 4 traditional, yet simple styles.
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Classique Frames come in 4 traditional, yet simple styles.
Classique Frames
Classique 55
Classique 55
Classique 77
Classique 77
Classique 77
Classique 77
Classique 99
Classique 99
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Solid wood frames in classic gold and silver leaf!

Classique 55 
  • 2" width and 1/4" rabbet
  • Fit stretched canvas with a 1/2" offset clip.
  • Scoop design with round back.
  • Brushed gold with red and black undertones. Beading along the lip that is accented with a cream wash.
  • The hint of design in the beaded lip encourages the use of the frame for more traditional artwork.

Classique 77 
  • 3" width with a 1/4" rabbet
  • Fit standard stretched canvases with a 1/2" offset clip.
  • Scoop design with round back.
  • Brushed gold with warm red under tones or brushed silver with cool black undertone both with light gray washes at the raised lip.

Classique 99
  • 4" width and 1/2" rabbet
  • Fit standard stretched canvas with a 1/4" offset clip.
  • Scoop design with a rounded back. A raised section near the beaded lip gives the appearance of a liner within the frame.
  • Heavily antiqued gold with warm red undertones with brown fly specks.

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Classique Frames
Classique 55 Frame - GoldspacerClassique 55 Frame8x10"Gold84842$44.75$13.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 55 Frame9x12"Gold84843$49.50$18.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 55 Frame11x14"Gold84844$55.95$21.49IN STOCK
spacerClassique 55 Frame12x16"Gold84845$60.75$23.49IN STOCK
spacerClassique 55 Frame14x18"Gold84846$64.95$25.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 55 Frame16 20"Gold84847$71.75$28.49IN STOCK
spacerClassique 55 Frame18x24"Gold84848$80.75$32.49IN STOCK
spacerClassique 55 Frame20x24"Gold84849$89.75$33.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 55 Frame24x30"Gold84851$101.50$39.99IN STOCK
Classique 77 Frame - GoldspacerClassique 77 Frame8x10"Gold84818$70.75$21.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame9x12"Gold84819$77.50$26.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame11x14"Gold84820$83.95$29.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame12x16"Gold84821$89.75$32.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame14x18"Gold84822$100.95$35.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame16x20"Gold84823$107.50$38.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame18x24"Gold84824$122.25$43.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame20x24"Gold84825$127.75$45.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame22x28"Gold84826$141.25$49.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame24x30"Gold84827$152.50$54.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame24x36"Gold84828$165.75$59.99IN STOCK
Classique 77 Frame - SilverspacerClassique 77 Frame8x10"Silver84830$70.50$21.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame9x12"Silver84831$77.50$26.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame11x14"Silver84832$83.95$29.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame12x16"Silver84833$89.75$32.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame14x18"Silver84834$100.95$35.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame16x20"Silver84835$107.50$38.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame18x24"Silver84836$122.25$43.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame20x24"Silver84837$127.75$45.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame24x30"Silver84839$152.50$54.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 77 Frame24x36"Silver84840$165.75$59.99IN STOCK
Classique 99 Frame - GoldspacerClassique 99 Frame8x10"Gold84854$111.25$32.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame9x12"Gold84855$123.25$37.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame11x14"Gold84856$134.50$43.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame12x16"Gold84857$145.50$44.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame14x18"Gold84858$156.95$48.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame16x20"Gold84859$178.95$53.49IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame18x24"Gold84860$190.50$59.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame20x24"Gold84861$201.75$62.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame22x28"Gold84862$223.95$69.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame24x30"Gold84863$235.50$74.99IN STOCK
spacerClassique 99 Frame24x36"Gold84864$268.75$79.99IN STOCK
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