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Jacquard Silk Colors

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Available in 60 ml, 250 ml and 1000 ml bottles.
Available in 60 ml, 250 ml and 1000 ml bottles.
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Fix With Dyeset Fixative or Steam

Also called Jacquard Green Label this product is a true dye, not thinned pigments, so it will not stiffen silk or cover the luster of the fabric. These ultra vivid colors may be easily blended for custom shades or diluted with water for pastel shades. 

Incredibly simple to use these colors are lightfast, odorless, non-toxic and contain no alcohol. Just brush on paint, let dry and set in Jacquard's Dyeset Concentrate for about 5 minutes, or for professional applications, steam. In both cases designs are rich and vibrant and may be hand washed or dry cleaned safely. 

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Jacquard Silk Colors
Jacquard Silk Color - Apricotspacer60 ml BottleApricot59959$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleApricot59979$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleApricot59999$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Blackspacer60 ml BottleBlack59976$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleBlack59996$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleBlack60017$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Brown Siennaspacer60 ml BottleBrown Sienna59974$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleBrown Sienna59994$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleBrown Sienna60015$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Carmine Redspacer60 ml BottleCarmine Red59962$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleCarmine Red59982$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleCarmine Red60003$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Chocolate Brownspacer60 ml BottleChocolate Brown59975$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleChocolate Brown59995$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleChocolate Brown60016$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Citronspacer60 ml BottleCitron59957$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleCitron59977$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleCitron59997$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Cyanspacer60 ml BottleCyan59969$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleCyan59989$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleCyan60010$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Digitalspacer60 ml BottleDigital59964$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleDigital59984$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleDigital60005$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Kelly Greenspacer60 ml BottleKelly Green59972$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleKelly Green59992$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleKelly Green60013$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Magentaspacer60 ml BottleMagenta59963$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleMagenta59983$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleMagenta60004$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Marine Greenspacer60 ml BottleMarine Green59971$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleMarine Green59991$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleMarine Green60012$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Night Bluespacer60 ml BottleNight Blue59966$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleNight Blue59986$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleNight Blue60007$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Poppy Redspacer60 ml BottlePoppy Red59960$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottlePoppy Red59980$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottlePoppy Red60001$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Purplespacer60 ml BottlePurple59965$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottlePurple59985$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottlePurple60006$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Royal Bluespacer60 ml BottleRoyal Blue59967$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleRoyal Blue59987$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleRoyal Blue60008$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Sapphire Bluespacer60 ml BottleSapphire Blue59968$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleSapphire Blue59988$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleSapphire Blue60009$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Scarlet Redspacer60 ml BottleScarlet Red59961$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleScarlet Red59981$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleScarlet Red60002$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Turquoisespacer60 ml BottleTurquoise59970$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleTurquoise59990$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleTurquoise60011$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Viridian Greenspacer60 ml BottleViridian Green59973$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleViridian Green59993$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleViridian Green60014$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
Jacquard Silk Color - Yellowspacer60 ml BottleYellow59958$4.59$3.49$3.21IN STOCK
spacer250 ml BottleYellow59978$13.79$10.39$9.65IN STOCK
spacer1000 ml BottleYellow59998$39.19$29.39$27.43IN STOCK
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