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R&F Encaustic Paint Brushes

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R&F Natural Bristle Encaustic Brushes
R&F Natural Bristle Encaustic Brushes - Brights
R&F Natural Bristle Encaustic Brushes - Fans
R&F Natural Bristle Encaustic Brushes - Filberts
R&F Natural Bristle Encaustic Brushes - Filberts (Short Hair)
Short Filberts
R&F Natural Bristle Encaustic Brushes - Flats
R&F Natural Bristle Encaustic Brushes - Flats (Pony)
Pony Flats
R&F Natural Bristle Encaustic Brushes - Hake
R&F Natural Bristle Encaustic Brushes - Rounds
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Natural bristle brushes specifically designed for encaustic painting!

This new line of paint brushes from R&F was specially developed to meet the unique needs of the encaustic painter. A full range of shapes and sizes are made from all-natural Chungking bristles bound with a crimped ferrule onto an innovative, mid-length wooden handle perfect for table-top painting on encaustic surfaces. Additional Pony Flat brushes in a blend of soft natural hair are ideal for painting in thinner viscosities, and large Hake brushes are excellent for laying down large, smooth areas of encaustic. The use of natural bristles instead of synthetic prevents melting or scorching when used on a heated surface, and these brushes are easily cleaned with soy or microcrystalline waxes. When painting in encaustics, paint with the best – R&F's versatile range of brushes is guaranteed to meet the unique demands of encaustic artists!

  • Natural bristle paint brushes designed for encaustic use
  • Chungking bristles or soft natural hair
  • Prevents brush melting or scorching with heat
  • Unique mid-length handle ideal for table-top encaustic painting
  • Crimped ferrules and balanced wooden handles
  • Available in Brights, Fans, Filberts, Short Filberts, Flats, Pony Flats, Hake, and Rounds
  • The perfect encaustic painting brush collection!

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R&F Encaustic Paint Brushes
R&F Encaustic Brush - - spacerBright8V04369$8.95$7.99$7.16IN STOCK
spacerBright10V04370$9.95$8.99$7.96IN STOCK
spacerBright12V04371$12.25$10.99$9.80IN STOCK
spacerBright14V04372$14.50$12.99$11.60IN STOCK
spacerBright16V04373$16.75$14.99$13.40IN STOCK
spacerBright20V04374$24.50$21.99$19.60IN STOCK
R&F Encaustic Brush - - spacerFan4V04384$6.75$5.99$5.40IN STOCK
spacerFan8V04385$8.95$7.99$7.16IN STOCK
spacerFan12V04386$12.25$10.99$9.80IN STOCK
R&F Encaustic Brush - - spacerFilbert10V04375$9.95$8.99$7.96IN STOCK
spacerFilbert12V04376$12.25$10.99$9.80IN STOCK
spacerFilbert16V04377$16.75$14.99$13.40IN STOCK
R&F Encaustic Brush - - spacerFilbert (Short Hair)10V04393$9.95$8.99$7.96IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Short Hair)12V04394$12.25$10.99$9.80IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Short Hair)16V04395$16.75$14.99$13.40IN STOCK
R&F Encaustic Brush - - spacerFlat8V04378$8.95$7.99$7.16IN STOCK
spacerFlat10V04379$9.95$8.99$7.96IN STOCK
spacerFlat12V04380$12.25$10.99$9.80IN STOCK
spacerFlat14V04381$14.50$12.99$11.60IN STOCK
spacerFlat16V04382$16.75$14.99$13.40IN STOCK
spacerFlat20V04383$24.50$21.99$19.60IN STOCK
R&F Encaustic Brush - - spacerFlat (Pony)3/4DV04396$12.25$10.99$9.80IN STOCK
spacerFlat (Pony)1"V04397$14.50$12.99$11.60IN STOCK
spacerFlat (Pony)1-1/2"V04398$26.50$23.89$21.20IN STOCK
R&F Encaustic Brush - - spacerRound6V04387$6.75$5.99$5.40IN STOCK
spacerRound8V04388$7.75$6.99$6.20IN STOCK
spacerRound10V04389$8.95$7.99$7.16IN STOCK
spacerRound12V04390$11.00$9.89$8.80IN STOCK
spacerRound16V04391$15.75$14.19$12.60IN STOCK
spacerRound20V04392$17.75$15.99$14.20IN STOCK
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