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Kulture The Post-Impressionists DVDs

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The Post-Impressionists: Edvard Munch DVD
The Post-Impressionists: Edvard Munch DVD
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The Post-Impressionists: Edvard Munch DVD
The Post-Impressionists: Gustav Klimt DVD
The Post-Impressionists: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec DVD
The Post-Impressionists: Henri Rousseau DVD
The Post-Impressionists: Paul Cezanne DVD
The Post-Impressionists: Paul Gauguin DVD
The Post-Impressionists: Vincent van Gogh DVD
Van Gogh
The Post-Impressionists: 6 DVD Box Set
Box Set

Explore the fascinating world of Post-Impressionism with these great DVDs!

  • Edvard Munch - In 1893, a Norwegian artist created a masterpiece which became a defining image of the 20th Century. The Scream is a picture whose sense of anguish reveals much about our own lives, as well as the life of its creator. All his life, Edvard Munch suffered the consequences of a childhood surrounded by madness and death.

  • Gustav Klimt - Gustav Klimt was an unlikely artistic rebel, but in early 20th century Vienna, the work of this mild-mannered painter cerated a scandal in his home city. Having enjoyed a conventionally successful early career, Klimt's art changed radically in his mid-thirties. He became a leader of the Vienna Secession, a group of avant-garde artists who would change the conservative Viennese art scene forever. Klimt's own work became increasingly erotic in nature. His deeply sensual portraits of Viennese women still make a powerful impression upon modern viewer.

  • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - Henri Toulouse-Lautrec was a tragic figure in the history of art. His dissolute life spent in the brothels and nightclubs of late 19th century Paris provided the subject matter for his finest work. His boldly-colored paintings and posters of the famous Moulin Rouge nightclub succeeded in conveying the feeling of contemporary Parisian nightlife.

  • Henri Rousseau - Henri Rousseau was a true amateur. His professional life was spent working as a customs official. What he did bring to his painting was a sense of vitality, charm and especially innocence. His brightly colored images of imaginary forests and wild animals are almost childish in their execution. Many contemporary critics were unimpressed.

  • Paul Cézanne- Paul Cézanne sought a method of capturing the underlying structure of any subject matter. His eventual triumph derived from a revolutionary new approach to color and to perspective. His paintings were often derided by the critics, but by the end of his life, his genius was beginning to be appreciated.

  • Paul Gauguin - Paul Gauguin was thirty-five when he made the momentous decision to abandon his lucrative career as a Paris stockbroker and devote himself full-time to painting. Gauguin's bold use of flat, unmixed color gave his paintings a strong sense of personal expression, but his work struggled to find acceptance at the time.

  • Vincent van Gogh -Vincent Van Gogh remains the ultimate example of the tortured artistic genius. His whole life was a struggle against poverty, loneliness and mental disorder. Vincent Van Gogh proved himself a great artist. The hundreds of canvases that he painted in the South of France are now recognized as masterpieces of the Post-Impressionist age.

  • 6 DVD Box Set - The Great Artists chronicles the lives, times and works of the men whose genius has captivated the art world for generations. Informative and entertaining, the series highlights important events in each artist's life, explores their stylistic trademarks, and provides detailed explanations of their techniques.

    The Post-Impressionists
    The Post-Impressionists: - spacerThe Post-Impressionists: Edvard Munch DVD50 minutesV13917$20.00$19.99This item is dropped shipped.
    The Post-Impressionists: - spacerThe Post-Impressionists: Gustav Klimt DVD50 minutesV13909$20.00$19.99This item is dropped shipped.
    The Post-Impressionists: - spacerThe Post-Impressionists: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec DVD50 minutesV13939$20.00$19.99This item is dropped shipped.
    The Post-Impressionists: - spacerThe Post-Impressionists: Henri Rousseau DVD50 minutesV13931$20.00$19.99This item is dropped shipped.
    The Post-Impressionists: - spacerThe Post-Impressionists: Paul Cezanne DVD50 minutesV13849$20.00$19.99This item is dropped shipped.
    The Post-Impressionists: - spacerThe Post-Impressionists: Paul Gauguin DVD50 minutesV13885$20.00$19.99This item is dropped shipped.
    The Post-Impressionists: - spacerThe Post-Impressionists: Vincent van Gogh DVD50 minutesV13945$20.00$19.99This item is dropped shipped.
    The Post-Impressionists: - spacerThe Post-Impressionists: 6 DVD Box Set300 minutesV13922$100.00$99.99This item is dropped shipped.
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