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Unprimed Cotton Duck Rolls

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Unprimed Cotton Duck Rolls
Unprimed Cotton Duck Rolls
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Numbered Duck - These #8, #10 and #12 cotton ducks are durable, double filled and have a very uniform canvas surface.

#8 = 18 oz.
#10 = 15 oz.
#12 = 12 oz.

Single Fill - Economy cotton sheeting with a uniform medium texture and 7 oz. weight.

Army Duck - 10 oz. weight smooth canvas that is very much liked for portrait and realism.

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Unprimed Cotton Duck Rolls
Unprimed Cotton Duck - spacerSingle Fill Roll (7 oz.)52" x 30 Yards79486$341.95$119.69IN STOCK
spacerSingle Fill Roll (7 oz.)72" x 30 Yards62534$412.95$144.49IN STOCK
Unprimed Cotton Duck - spacerArmy Duck Smooth Roll (10 oz.)60" x 30 Yards62533$684.25$239.29IN STOCK
Unprimed Cotton Duck - spacer#12 Roll (12 oz.)54" x 30 Yards62528$555.50$194.39IN STOCK
spacer#12 Roll (12 oz.)60" x 30 Yards62529$612.50$214.39IN STOCK
spacer#12 Roll (12 oz.)72" x 30 Yards62530$712.25$249.29IN STOCK
spacer#12 Roll (12 oz.)84" x 30 Yards62531$886.50$318.99IN STOCK
spacer#12 Roll (12 oz.)96" x 30 Yards62532$1,068.50$373.99IN STOCK
This item is oversized additional shipping of $115.00 may apply.
spacer#12 Roll (12 oz.)120" x 30 Yards79487$1,203.00$420.99IN STOCK
UPS Truck Freight.
spacer#12 Roll (12 oz.)144" x 30 Yards79488$1,362.50$476.79IN STOCK
UPS Truck Freight.
spacer#12 Roll (12 oz.)144" x 25 Yards10027$1,078.55$377.49IN STOCK
UPS Truck Freight.
Unprimed Cotton Duck - spacer#10 Roll (15 oz.)60" x 30 Yards79489$712.25$249.29IN STOCK
spacer#10 Roll (15 oz.)72" x 30 Yards62526$897.75$313.99IN STOCK
spacer#10 Roll (15 oz.)84" x 30 Yards62527$1,139.75$398.99IN STOCK
spacer#10 Roll (15 oz.)96" x 30 Yards79490$1,353.00$473.69IN STOCK
spacer#10 Roll (15 oz.)120" x 30 Yards88238$1,514.95$529.99IN STOCK
UPS Truck Freight.
spacer#10 Roll (15 oz.)144" x 30 Yards88239$1,994.95$697.99IN STOCK
UPS Truck Freight.
Unprimed Cotton Duck - spacer#8 Roll (18 oz.)72" x 30 Yards62525$1,039.95$363.99IN STOCK
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