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Art & Enns Art Panels

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  • Are You Using Watercolour? - This surface won't buckle when you're painting!
  • Prefer Acrylic? - Acrylic paintings on the Haircell surface of the ABS panel look more vibrant than on conventional canvas. ABS art panels are highly impact-resistant and present the ultimate in art support because nothing happens to ABS during the normal passage of time which could cause deterioration. 
  • Panels are Archival - Everything that goes into the manufacturing of these panels is used with the artist in mind. As we are artists ourselves, we understand the importance of having a surface that not only can withstand the ravages of time, but also offers excellent resistance to acids and alkali substances.
  • Two Types of Finishes - The textured or haircell side works best for artists who prefer to paint in oil. This side can also be used for acrylic painting too. The matte side works best for artists who prefer to draw and can also be used for acrylics. The matte side is also the side that we use for manufacturing gesso, pastel and watercolour panels.
  • Rigorous Testing when Only the Best will Do - Since we have already tested the ABS surface itself, the main segment that remained was the finished cradle itself. In the wood format, once we've attached the cradle to the ABS panel, we seal the wood. First we use a soft gel and then apply a 2nd coat using Golden GAC 100, so that if an artist would like to paint around the outside perimeter of the panel then they are free to do so.
  • Created with the Professional in Mind - These boards are made for all artists, but primarily with the professional artist in mind. If you're an artist who is fortunate enough to receive thousands of dollars for your work, these boards can offer you the peace of mind that your art will outlast you. The serious art collector also doesn't have to worry about the panels deteriorating from the back in. It would take about 1000 years before there would be any biodegradability in the art substrate.
  • Environmentally Friendly - As plastic is a recyclable and renewable resource, anything that isn't used by us, goes to a plastic recycler. There, they can regrind, wash and recycle the unused plastic into other products. In our products, we can and do use a 60% recycled ABS and even the Hemlock wood the we use in the wood cradles are end pieces, normally used for moulding purposes in homes.

Gesso Panel - Coated with Gesso on the matte side of the Haircell Panel.

Haircell Panel, ABS Plastic Surface - Acrylic or Oil paintings on the Haircell surface of the ABS panel look more vibrant than on conventional canvas. 

Watercolor Panel,  ABS Plastic Surface - Replicates a cold press watercolor sheet.
Art & Enns Gessoed Pochade Panels 1/8"
Art & Enns Gessoed Panels 3/4"
Art & Enns Haircell Panels 3/4"
Art & Enns Watercolor Panels 1/8"


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