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Ampersand Hardbord Panels

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1/8 Flat, 3/4 Cradle Or 2 Deep Cradle
1/8" Flat, 3/4" Cradle Or 2" Deep Cradle
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1/8 Flat, 3/4 Cradle Or 2 Deep Cradle
1/8", 3/4", 2"
Apply Your Favorite Oil or Acrylic Gesso
Do It Your Way
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For studio and plein-air painting and standard framing

If you want to prepare your own panel, start with unprimed Hardbord and apply your own oil or acrylic primers! Hardbord is the finest pressed wood panel available anywhere. Made in the U.S. from quality hardwoods, this panel resists warping and moisture penetration. Formaldehyde-free, Hardbord™ is the substrate used for all Ampersand Museum Series pre-coated panels.

  • Better Support From Start to Finish - Ampersand has pioneered Archiva-Seal™ technology for sealing wood so that your art will withstand the test of time. All painting grounds are archival, acid-free and non-yellowing.
  • Ampersand Hardbord - Made without formaldehyde or harmful VOC's (volatile organic compounds) unlike other hardboards and MDF boards.
  • High Density Fiber Core - These boards are engineered for stability eliminating the warping and bowing issues found in other substrates. Build your own unique painting grounds and textures on this ultra stable true art board.

1/8" Flat Panels - for studio and plein-air painting and standard framing.

3/4" Cradled Panels - for more support and typical canvas style framing.

1.5" Cradled Panels- for even more support and canvas style framing that stands out.

2" Deep Cradle Panels - for maximum support and frame all in one.

  • Ultra-stable and built to last
  • Hardbord™ accepts all types of gesso grounds
  • Build up your own unique painting grounds and textures 
  • Warp-free high-density fiber core is engineered for stability 

For more information about proper sealing and priming practices, visit Ampersand online at

Read About "How To Mount Canvas Onto Ampersand Boards"

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1/8" Flat Panel8x10"63358$4.29$2.99$2.49IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
1/8" Flat Panel9x12"63359$5.49$3.89$3.18IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
1/8" Flat Panel (3-Pack)5x7"63357$5.89$4.19$3.42IN STOCK
1/8" Flat Panel12x12"63360$6.49$4.59$3.76IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
1/8" Flat Panel11x14'53023$6.69$4.69$3.88IN STOCK
1/8" Flat Panel12x16"63361$7.25$4.99$4.21IN STOCK
1/8" Flat Panel (3-Pack)6x8"V15420$8.08$5.69$4.69IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
1/8" Flat Panel12x24"63362$8.29$5.79$4.81IN STOCK
1/8" Flat Panel16x20"53024$8.89$6.19$5.16IN STOCK
1/8" Flat Panel18x24"53025$11.49$7.99$6.66IN STOCK
1/8" Flat Panel18x36"63363$16.89$11.79$9.80IN STOCK
1/8" Flat Panel24x36"53026$19.29$13.49$11.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
3/4" Cradle Panel6x6"V15421$11.99$8.39$6.95OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
3/4" Cradle Panel6x8"79682$14.29$9.99$8.29IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
3/4" Cradle Panel8x8"V15422$16.72$11.69$9.70IN STOCK
3/4" Cradle Panel8x10"63364$17.99$12.59$10.43IN STOCK
3/4" Cradle Panel9x12"63365$19.69$13.79$11.42OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
3/4" Cradle Panel11x14"53027$21.59$15.19$12.52OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
3/4" Cradle Panel12x16"63366$22.99$15.99$13.33OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
3/4" Cradle Panel12x12"63367$22.79$15.99$13.22IN STOCK
3/4" Cradle Panel16x20"53028$28.29$19.79$16.41IN STOCK
3/4" Cradle Panel18x24"53029$31.99$22.39$18.55IN STOCK
3/4" Cradle Panel18x36"V16421$38.29$26.79$22.21IN STOCK
3/4" Cradle Panel24x36"53030$49.39$34.59$28.65IN STOCK
1.5" Cradle Panel6x6"V15423$13.99$9.79$8.11IN STOCK
1.5" Cradle Panel8x8"V15424$17.99$12.59$10.43OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
1.5" Cradle Panel8x10"V15425$18.99$13.29$11.01IN STOCK
1.5" Cradle Panel9x12"V15426$22.70$15.89$13.17IN STOCK
1.5" Cradle Panel12x12"V15428$26.39$18.49$15.31OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/08/2016)
1.5" Cradle Panel11x14"V15427$26.83$18.79$15.56OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/12/2016)
1.5" Cradle Panel12x16"V15429$28.06$19.69$16.27IN STOCK
1.5" Cradle Panel16x16"V15430$33.24$23.29$19.28IN STOCK
1.5" Cradle Panel16x20"V15431$36.34$25.49$21.08IN STOCK
1.5" Cradle Panel18x24"V15432$39.99$27.99$23.19IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel6x8"62980$18.69$12.99$10.84IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel8x10"62981$23.59$16.49$13.68IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel10x10"V15433$23.89$16.69$13.86IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel9x12"79683$25.79$17.99$14.96IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel12x12"62983$29.99$20.99$17.39OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
2" Deep Cradle Panel11x14"62982$30.49$21.39$17.68IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel12x16"79684$31.89$22.29$18.50IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel16x16"V15434$37.79$26.49$21.92IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel16x20"62984$41.29$28.89$23.95IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel18x24"79685$46.19$32.29$26.79IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel24x24"62985$54.59$38.19$31.66IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel24x36"V15435$63.99$44.79$37.11IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel30x30"V15436$66.69$46.69$38.68IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel Box of 230x40"V15437A$210.38$147.29$122.02IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel Box of 236x36"V15438A$260.38$182.29$151.02IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle Panel Box of 236x48"V15439A$302.38$211.69$175.38IN STOCK
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