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Ampersand Gessobord 2" Cradle

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1/8 Flat, 3/4 Cradle Or 2 Deep Cradle
1/8" Flat, 3/4" Cradle Or 2" Deep Cradle
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1/8 Flat, 3/4 Cradle Or 2 Deep Cradle
1/8" 3/4" 2"
Lightly Textured For Enhanced Adhesion
Fine Tooth Surface
For Use With Oils or Acrylics
Oil or Acrylic
The 3 largest sizes have cross braces.
Cross Braces
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(Sale Ends 12/31/2015)
For maximum support and frame all in one!

gessobord™ — The #1 Panel for Oils & Acrylics! 
Gessobord comes ready to paint featuring a professional quality acid-free acrylic gesso ground that is lightly textured for good adhesion, titanium white for enhanced clarity of color. Made with Ampersand's own True Artist Hardbord™ substrate and Archiva-seal™, Gessobord is perfect for oils, acrylics, alkyds and water-based oils. It's delicate enough for glazing, fluid brush strokes and tight detail, and tough enough for palette knife painting. 2" DEEP Cradle panel offers maximum support and frame all in one. Made by Ampersand, USA.

  • Premium Acrylic Gesso Surface - Professional quality acid-free acrylic gesso ground, lightly textured for good adhesion, titanium white for enhanced clarity of color. Made with Ampersand's own true artist Hardbord™ substrate, Gessobord™ is perfect for all studio and plein-air painting applications.
  • Exceptional Finish - The fine tooth surface is delicate enough for glazing, fluid brush strokes and tight detail, and tough enough to hold up to the most rigorous palette knife painting, collage and masking techniques.
  • Ready to Paint - This premium archival surface is ready to use. No priming or prepping required! Perfect for traditional and water-based oils, alkyds, acrylics, collage and mixed media.
  • Artist & Environment Friendly - Ampersand Gessobord™ is made from sustainable forest products that ensure the protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water. Formaldehyde-free and no harmful volatile organic compounds.

3 All New Larger Sizes with Cross Braces (Sold in Boxes of 2):

  • 30×40"  with 1 Cross Brace
  • 36×36" with 2 Cross Braces
  • 36×48" with 2 Cross Braces

Eco Friendly Products!

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2" Deep Cradle5x5"63925$20.94$14.69$12.15IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x6"63926$22.82$15.99$13.24IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x8"62974$26.45$18.49$15.34IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x12"74972$28.65$19.99$16.62IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x18"74973$37.47$26.19$21.73IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle6x24"70016$45.75$31.99$26.54IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle8x8"63927$28.11$19.69$16.30IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle8x10"62975$33.06$23.19$19.17IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle8x16"74974$38.03$26.59$22.06IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle8x24"74975$45.75$31.99$26.54IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle9x12"74976$35.83$24.99$20.78IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle10x10"70017$35.61$24.89$20.65IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle10x20"74977$45.53$31.89$26.41IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle10x30"74978$54.01$37.79$31.33IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle11x14"62976$41.34$28.99$23.98IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle12x12"62977$40.46$28.29$23.47IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle12x16"74979$43.54$30.49$25.25IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle12x24"74980$52.14$36.49$30.24IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle12x36"70018$69.34$48.59$40.22IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle16x16"70019$47.29$32.99$27.43IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle16x20"62978$57.66$40.39$33.44IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle18x24"74981$63.17$44.19$36.64IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle24x24"62979$75.27$52.69$43.66IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle24x30"74982$76.11$53.29$44.14IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle24x36"70020$81.89$57.29$47.50IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle30x30"70021$87.41$61.19$50.70IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle (Box of 2)30x40"V01072A$276.13$193.29$160.16IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle (Box of 2)36x36"V01071A$341.65$239.19$198.16IN STOCK
2" Deep Cradle (Box of 2)36x48"V01073A$396.88$277.79$230.19IN STOCK
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