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Winsor & Newton University Brushes

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University Brushes
University Brushes
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University Brushes
University Brushes
Good quality white polyester.
University is a general all purpose range brush line.
Series 233 Rounds
Series 985 Flat Wash Brushes with clear scraper handle!
Flat Wash
Series 985 Flat Wash
Flat Wash
Series 680 One Stroke
One Stroke
Series 860 Riggers
Series 210 Oval Wash
Oval Wash
Series 232 Mops
Series 233 Rounds
Series 239 Filberts
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University is a range of good quality white polyester artists' brushes with distinctive white tipped red handles. Stiff enough to use with fluid oils and acrylics, yet soft enough to use with watercolors. The polyester fibers make smooth marks compared to hog hair. They are also suitable for a wide variety of craft applications. Their low price makes this brush useful for beginners, students and professionals wanting an inexpensive option. 

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Winsor & Newton University Brushes
Winsor & Newton University Brush - spacerSeries 210 Oval Wash1/2"76595$18.29$9.15IN STOCK
spacerSeries 210 Oval Wash3/4"76596$31.49$15.75IN STOCK
spacerSeries 210 Oval Wash1"76597$41.49$20.75IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton University Brush - spacerSeries 232 Mop5/8"76598$18.89$9.45IN STOCK
spacerSeries 232 Mop3/4"76599$23.09$11.55IN STOCK
spacerSeries 232 Mop7/8"76600$27.09$13.55IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton University Brush - spacerSeries 233 Round00005884$6.29$3.15OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/28/2014)
spacerSeries 233 Round0005885$6.29$3.15OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/28/2014)
spacerSeries 233 Round005886$7.29$3.65IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round105887$8.09$4.05OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/26/2014)
spacerSeries 233 Round205888$8.19$4.10IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round305889$8.99$4.50OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/22/2014)
spacerSeries 233 Round405890$9.39$4.70IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round505891$10.29$5.15OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/26/2014)
spacerSeries 233 Round605892$11.49$5.75IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round705893$13.99$7.00IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round805894$15.99$8.00IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round1005895$18.69$9.35IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round1205896$21.49$10.75IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round1405897$22.49$11.25OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/24/2014)
spacerSeries 233 Round2876601$36.79$18.40IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round3276602$47.79$23.90IN STOCK
spacerSeries 233 Round3876603$50.59$25.30OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/19/2015)
Winsor & Newton University Brush - spacerSeries 239 Filbert276604$8.09$4.05IN STOCK
spacerSeries 239 Filbert476605$10.39$5.20IN STOCK
spacerSeries 239 Filbert676606$14.39$7.20IN STOCK
spacerSeries 239 Filbert876607$17.49$8.75IN STOCK
spacerSeries 239 Filbert1076608$25.79$12.90IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton University Brush - spacerSeries 680 One Stroke1/8"51988$6.59$3.30IN STOCK
spacerSeries 680 One Stroke1/4"51989$8.99$4.50IN STOCK
spacerSeries 680 One Stroke1/2"51990$13.39$6.70IN STOCK
spacerSeries 680 One Stroke3/4"51991$21.99$11.00IN STOCK
spacerSeries 680 One Stroke1"51992$30.79$15.40IN STOCK
spacerSeries 680 One Stroke1-1/2"51993$46.29$23.15IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton University Brush - spacerSeries 860 Rigger151994$7.29$3.65IN STOCK
spacerSeries 860 Rigger251995$7.59$3.80IN STOCK
spacerSeries 860 Rigger351996$7.99$4.00IN STOCK
spacerSeries 860 Rigger651999$11.59$5.80IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton University Brush - spacerSeries 985 Flat Wash1/2"05957$17.89$8.95IN STOCK
spacerSeries 985 Flat Wash3/4"76616$26.79$13.40IN STOCK
spacerSeries 985 Flat Wash1"05959$32.99$16.50IN STOCK
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