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Robert Simmons White Sable Watercolor Brushes

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White Sable Watercolor Brushes
White Sable Watercolor Brushes
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White Sable Watercolor Brushes
White Sable
Sky Flow Wash
Sky Flow Wash
Fan Blenders
Oval Wash
Oval Wash
Jumbo Rounds
Jumbo Rounds
Sky Scraper Wash
Sky Scraper Wash
One Stroke
One Stroke
750 Script
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Pioneered and developed exclusively by Robert Simmons, White Sable has proved to be revolutionary in the artist brush field.

White Sable brushes are all made with a miracle synthetic fiber called White Sable™ hair. The unique blend of synthetic filaments delivers all the benefits of pure red sable brushes for point and spring back at a fraction of the cost. 

The line offers watercolor specialty brushes in larger sizes that duplicate the construction, shape, and performance of natural sable brushes. This ultra fine hair is extremely soft and responsive, making for an ideal brush for practically any purpose. All series are securely fashioned to attractively designed polished brown handles with white ring and gold tip. 

  • Series 721 One Stroke Flat Wash - For thick to thin strokes, washes, glazing and edging.
  • Series 278 Sky-Flo Wash - For extra full bold wash strokes, paddle handle. 
  • Series 748 Fan Blenders - For softening, blending  and dry brush effects.
  • Series 748L - for long handle fans.
  • Series 752 Oval Wash - For regulated wet color flow, washes.
  • Series 755 Skyscraper Flat Wash - Large sized with beveled edge and handle.
  • Series 785 Round - Tapered mix for sharp point. Great for details, lines, precise strokes and washes.
  • Series 789 Goliath Wash XL Pointed Round - Tapered mix holds maximum color for large area coverage.

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Robert Simmons White Sable Watercolor Brushes
Robert Simmons White Sable - spacerSeries 278 Sky-Flo Wash1"05932$48.40$24.20$21.78IN STOCK
spacerSeries 278 Sky-Flo Wash1-1/2"05933$82.80$41.40$37.26IN STOCK
spacerSeries 278 Sky-Flo Wash2"05934$107.80$53.90$48.51OUT OF STOCK
(till 05/25/2014)
spacerSeries 278 Sky-Flo Wash3"33526$129.80$64.90$58.41IN STOCK
Robert Simmons White Sable - spacerSeries 721 One Stroke1/4"06115$9.90$4.95$4.46IN STOCK
spacerSeries 721 One Stroke1/2"06116$13.90$6.95$6.26IN STOCK
spacerSeries 721 One Stroke3/4"06117$22.00$11.00$9.90OUT OF STOCK
(till 05/25/2014)
spacerSeries 721 One Stroke1"06118$33.60$16.80$15.12IN STOCK
spacerSeries 721 One Stroke1-1/2"06119$64.20$32.10$28.89IN STOCK
Robert Simmons White Sable - spacerSeries 748 Fan205935$11.70$5.85$5.27IN STOCK
spacerSeries 748 Fan405936$14.40$7.20$6.48OUT OF STOCK
(till 05/25/2014)
spacerSeries 748 Fan605937$18.10$9.05$8.15IN STOCK
Robert Simmons White Sable - spacerSeries 750 Script306173$7.30$3.65$2.92IN STOCK
Additional Information.Clearance Item.
spacerSeries 750 Script106171$7.50$3.75$3.38IN STOCK
Additional Information.
spacerSeries 750 Script206172$7.70$3.85$3.47IN STOCK
Additional Information.
spacerSeries 750 Script406174$9.20$4.60$4.14OUT OF STOCK
(till 05/25/2014)
Additional Information.
spacerSeries 750 Script606175$10.90$5.45$4.91IN STOCK
Additional Information.
Robert Simmons White Sable - spacerSeries 752 Oval Wash1/4"05950$12.70$6.35$5.72IN STOCK
spacerSeries 752 Oval Wash1/2"05951$16.50$8.25$7.43IN STOCK
spacerSeries 752 Oval Wash3/4"05952$29.90$14.95$13.46OUT OF STOCK
(till 05/25/2014)
spacerSeries 752 Oval Wash1"05953$36.20$18.10$16.29IN STOCK
Robert Simmons White Sable - spacerSeries 755 Sky Scraper1/2"05972$17.00$8.50$7.65IN STOCK
spacerSeries 755 Sky Scraper3/4"05973$22.90$11.45$10.31IN STOCK
spacerSeries 755 Sky Scraper1"05974$29.80$14.90$13.41IN STOCK
Robert Simmons White Sable - spacerSeries 785 Round8X005918$6.60$3.30$2.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round3X005919$6.70$3.35$3.02IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round2X005920$6.90$3.45$3.11IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round005921$7.10$3.55$3.20IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round105922$7.70$3.85$3.47IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round205923$8.30$4.15$3.74IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round305924$9.10$4.55$4.10OUT OF STOCK
(till 05/10/2014)
spacerSeries 785 Round405925$9.90$4.95$4.46IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round505926$10.70$5.35$4.82IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round605927$12.00$6.00$5.40IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round805928$16.10$8.05$7.25IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round1005929$18.50$9.25$8.33IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round1205930$20.40$10.20$9.18IN STOCK
spacerSeries 785 Round1405931$22.00$11.00$9.90IN STOCK
Robert Simmons White Sable - spacerSeries 789 Goliath Jumbo Round Wash2605954$39.90$19.95$17.96IN STOCK
spacerSeries 789 Goliath Jumbo Round Wash3005955$51.90$25.95$23.36IN STOCK
spacerSeries 789 Goliath Jumbo Round Wash3605956$55.10$27.55$24.80OUT OF STOCK
(till 05/25/2014)
Robert Simmons White Sable - spacerSeries 762B Flat Shader8V07360$11.20$5.60$5.04IN STOCK
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