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Robert Simmons Sienna Short Handle Brushes

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This new brush series incorporates a marvelous new mix of synthetic fiber hairs.
This new brush series incorporates a marvelous new mix of synthetic fiber hairs.
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This new brush series incorporates a marvelous new mix of synthetic fiber hairs. This special blend creates a smooth, soft feel with excellent resiliency returning to a point or sharp edge every time. The pleasing hue of the hair is wonderfully accented with burgundy wood handles and 22 kt gold plated ferrules. 

These oil and acrylic long handled brushes are fashioned thick and neat to provide excellent resiliency and shape with heavy bodied oil and acrylic paints. Every brush contains plenty of hair, creating the ideal body for a wonderfully pleasing and positive brush response every time.

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Robert Simmons Sienna Short Handle Brushes
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN21 One Stroke Wash1/2"60832$16.20$8.10OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/03/2015)
spacerSN21 One Stroke Wash3/4"60833$25.10$12.55IN STOCK
spacerSN21 One Stroke Wash1"60834$36.50$18.25IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN278W SkyFlow Wash1"60892$53.40$26.70OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/30/2014)
spacerSN278W SkyFlow Wash1-1/2"60893$88.30$44.15OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/11/2014)
spacerSN278W SkyFlow Wash2"60894$115.10$57.55OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/03/2015)
spacerSN278W SkyFlow Wash3"60895$140.90$70.45IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN48 Fan Blender260836$10.90$5.45IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN50 Script160839$7.90$3.95IN STOCK
spacerSN50 Script360841$8.90$4.45IN STOCK
spacerSN50 Script660843$11.20$5.60IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN51 Liner160847$7.70$3.85OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/11/2014)
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN52 Oval Wash1/4"60849$11.35$5.68IN STOCK
spacerSN55 Flat Wash1/2"60854$17.40$8.70IN STOCK
spacerSN55 Flat Wash3/4"60855$24.80$12.40OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/30/2014)
spacerSN52 Oval Wash3/4"60851$30.00$15.00IN STOCK
spacerSN55 Flat Wash1"60856$32.40$16.20IN STOCK
spacerSN52 Oval Wash1"60852$36.50$18.25OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/31/2014)
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN60 Flat Shader460858$10.00$5.00OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/03/2015)
spacerSN60 Flat Shader660859$11.10$5.55IN STOCK
spacerSN60 Flat Shader860860$13.30$6.65IN STOCK
spacerSN60 Flat Shader1060861$16.30$8.15IN STOCK
spacerSN60 Flat Shader1260862$16.90$8.45IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN67 Filbert260866$9.50$4.75OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/30/2014)
spacerSN67 Filbert460867$10.30$5.15IN STOCK
spacerSN67 Filbert660868$12.90$6.45IN STOCK
spacerSN67 Filbert860869$13.90$6.95IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN85 Pointed Round5×060876$7.10$3.55IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round2×060878$7.40$3.70IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round060879$7.50$3.75IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round160880$8.10$4.05OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/31/2014)
spacerSN85 Pointed Round260881$8.40$4.20OUT OF STOCK
(till 01/01/2015)
spacerSN85 Pointed Round360882$9.50$4.75IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round460883$10.00$5.00IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round560884$11.10$5.55IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round660885$12.60$6.30IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round860886$16.30$8.15IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round1060887$20.10$10.05OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/30/2014)
spacerSN85 Pointed Round1260888$21.80$10.90IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round1460889$23.50$11.75IN STOCK
spacerSN85 Pointed Round1660890$24.80$12.40OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/11/2014)
Robert Simmons Sienna Brush - spacerSN89 Pointed Round Wash3060873$55.20$27.60IN STOCK
spacerSN89 Pointed Round Wash3660874$58.30$29.15IN STOCK
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