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Escoda Reserva Kolinsky Watercolor Brushes

Escoda Brush
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Reserva Pocket Brush
Reserva Pocket Brush
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Reserva Pocket Brush
Reserva Filbert Brush
Reserva Bright Brush
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Finest Kolinsky watercolor brushes!


Considered by many to be some of the finest watercolor brushes in the world, the Escoda Reserva line of brushes is a true luxury. Reserva brushes are hand crafted from only the best of all Kolinsky hair, sourced from Tajmyr in Siberia and using only the hair from male sables, which provides more snap and control. This select hair is regarded as the best for watercolor because it points so beautifully and carries a tremendous amount of color. Carefully formed and cured to "remember" their shape, Reserva brushes have a signature snap and an unrivaled resilience. The perfect line for any watercolorist looking for an outstanding brush with exceptional shape and control!

Key Features:

  • Handmade by master brush craftsmen 
  • Short, balanced, wooden handles
  • Pocket brushes fold up for easy travel
  • Brushes retain their tip and snap
Perfect For:

  • Watercolor painting
  • Traveling or plein air painting (pocket brush)
  • Artists of all skill levels

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Escoda Reserva Kolinsky Watercolor Brushes
Escoda Reserva Kolinsky Sable Brush - spacer1226 Bright Brush0V21036$16.10$8.79IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush1V21037$16.65$9.19IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush2V21038$18.75$10.29IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush4V21039$21.84$11.99IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush6V21040$26.82$14.69IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush8V21041$34.00$18.69IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush10V21042$48.07$26.39IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush12V21043$62.03$33.99IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush14V21044$84.16$46.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/10/2016)
spacer1226 Bright Brush16V21045$138.76$76.19IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush18V21046$161.67$88.79IN STOCK
spacer1226 Bright Brush20V21047$230.81$126.69IN STOCK
Escoda Reserva Kolinsky Sable Brush - spacer1222 Filbert Brush0V21024$17.09$9.39IN STOCK
spacer1222 Filbert Brush1V21025$17.49$9.59IN STOCK
spacer1222 Filbert Brush2V21026$19.85$10.89IN STOCK
spacer1222 Filbert Brush4V21027$23.61$12.99IN STOCK
spacer1222 Filbert Brush6V21028$28.03$15.39IN STOCK
spacer1222 Filbert Brush8V21029$35.70$19.59IN STOCK
spacer1222 Filbert Brush10V21030$51.49$28.29OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/01/2016)
spacer1222 Filbert Brush12V21031$67.44$36.99IN STOCK
spacer1222 Filbert Brush14V21032$91.46$50.19IN STOCK
spacer1222 Filbert Brush16V21033$148.00$81.29IN STOCK
spacer1222 Filbert Brush18V21034$169.43$92.99IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
spacer1222 Filbert Brush20V21035$247.64$135.99IN STOCK
This item cannot be discounted.
Escoda Reserva Kolinsky Sable Brush - spacer1214 Pocket Brush2V21018$34.03$18.69IN STOCK
spacer1214 Pocket Brush4V21019$41.96$22.99IN STOCK
spacer1214 Pocket Brush6V21020$49.43$27.19IN STOCK
spacer1214 Pocket Brush8V21021$63.50$34.89IN STOCK
spacer1214 Pocket Brush10V21022$98.05$53.89IN STOCK
spacer1214 Pocket Brush12V21023$128.89$70.89IN STOCK
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