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Winsor & Newton Monarch Synthetic Brushes

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These brushes are made with the highest quality blend of polyester filaments to provide ideal flexibility.
These brushes are made with the highest quality blend of polyester filaments to provide ideal flexibility.
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These brushes are made with the highest quality blend of polyester filaments to provide ideal flexibility.
Monarch Series
A professional synthetic hair brush.
Excellent for subtle blending, glazing and fine detail work.
Extra Long Filbert
Extra Long FIlbert
Extra Long Flat
Extra Long Flat
Double Thick Filbert
Double Thick Filbert
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This remarkable synthetic hair brush mimics the look and feel of Mongoose hair. It is stiffer than sable, but softer than bristle (like Mongoose) and the hair is variegated in shades of Ivory, Gold and Brown. But, because it is synthetic, it is more durable than natural hair and less prone to damage from solvents or paint. 

Made with the highest quality blend of polyester filaments to provide the ideal flexibility needed when working with heavy body color. The "flexibility" of Monarch is in between hog and sable which gives you the total control you need. Suitable for oil or acrylic painting each has gold ferrules attached to long dark brown lacquered handles. Sizes run like sable brushes. Glaze brush with paddle handle.

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Winsor & Newton Monarch Synthetic Brushes
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - spacerBright053668$12.89$6.49IN STOCK
spacerBright253669$14.49$7.29IN STOCK
spacerBright453670$18.29$9.19IN STOCK
spacerBright653671$23.89$11.99IN STOCK
spacerBright853672$29.09$14.59IN STOCK
spacerBright1053673$34.29$17.19IN STOCK
spacerBright1253674$39.09$19.59IN STOCK
spacerBright1453675$43.99$21.99IN STOCK
spacerBright1674857$51.89$25.99IN STOCK
spacerBright2074858$64.79$32.39IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - spacerFan Blender153705$12.59$6.29IN STOCK
spacerFan Blender253706$19.89$9.99IN STOCK
spacerFan Blender453707$27.29$13.69IN STOCK
spacerFan Blender653708$32.99$16.49IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - spacerFilbert053693$14.49$7.29IN STOCK
spacerFilbert253694$17.79$8.89IN STOCK
spacerFilbert453695$21.79$10.89IN STOCK
spacerFilbert653696$24.49$12.29IN STOCK
spacerFilbert853697$29.19$14.59IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1053698$35.29$17.69IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1253699$40.19$19.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1453700$49.39$24.69IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1674859$59.69$29.89OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - spacerFlat053676$12.59$6.29IN STOCK
spacerFlat253677$14.49$7.29IN STOCK
spacerFlat453678$18.29$9.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat653679$23.89$11.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat853680$30.99$15.49IN STOCK
spacerFlat1053681$37.29$18.69IN STOCK
spacerFlat1253682$43.69$21.89OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/18/2016)
spacerFlat1453683$47.59$23.79IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - spacerGlazing1"53709$73.19$36.59OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/05/2016)
spacerGlazing2"74860$103.89$51.99IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - spacerRound2×053684$9.99$4.99IN STOCK
spacerRound053685$10.49$5.29IN STOCK
spacerRound253686$12.59$6.29IN STOCK
spacerRound453687$15.19$7.59IN STOCK
spacerRound653688$17.69$8.89IN STOCK
spacerRound853689$23.89$11.99IN STOCK
spacerRound1053690$30.99$15.49IN STOCK
spacerRound1253691$36.49$18.29IN STOCK
spacerRound1453692$44.89$22.49IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - spacerShort Filbert253701$17.79$8.89IN STOCK
spacerShort Filbert453702$21.79$10.89IN STOCK
spacerShort Filbert653703$24.49$12.29IN STOCK
spacerShort Filbert853704$29.19$14.59IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - spacerExtra Long Filbert274861$18.69$9.39IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Filbert374871$21.29$10.69IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Filbert474862$22.89$11.49IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Filbert674863$25.69$12.89IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Filbert574872$26.19$12.99IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Filbert774873$29.29$14.69IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Filbert874864$30.79$15.39IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Filbert974874$35.09$17.59IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Filbert1074865$37.09$18.59IN STOCK
Winsor & Newton Monarch Brush - spacerExtra Long Flat274866$15.29$7.69IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Flat474867$19.19$9.59IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Flat674868$25.09$12.59IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Flat874869$32.59$16.29IN STOCK
spacerExtra Long Flat1074870$39.09$19.59IN STOCK
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