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Silver Brush Bristlon All-Media Brushes

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Bristlon All-Media Brushes
Bristlon All-Media Brushes
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Bristlon All-Media Brushes
Bristlon Series
1900 Rounds
1900 Rounds
1901 Flats
1901 Flats
1902 Brights
1902 Brights
1903 Filberts
1903 Filberts
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The Breakthrough For All Media

Bristlon is a fantastic new stiff white synthetic hair that has been specially processed to be used with harsh solvents without destroying the texture and fiber of the brush head. It has an interlocked construction providing excellent resiliency, so after each stroke the brush “pops” back into shape for a perfect next stroke. Bristlon will never go mushy on you and is the perfect alternative on rough surfaces, giving excellent control with minimal brush stroke. 

No matter if you love to paint in oils, alkyds, acrylics, caseins or water mixable oils, Bristlon performs marvelously with all. Bristlon may be cleaned thoroughly without harming the brush, grips color well and has a sensational resiliency required by heavy consistency color. Superbly fashioned with only the finest seamless, nickel plated, brass ferrules attached to polished deep blue handles with majestic silver tips. Try the 4 piece size 6 set at over 60% savings off individual retails!
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Silver Brush Bristlon All-Media Brushes
Silver Brush Bristlon - spacerSeries 1900 Round058479$11.20$5.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1900 Round158480$11.95$5.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1900 Round258481$13.00$6.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1900 Round458482$15.75$7.89IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1900 Round658483$19.95$9.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1900 Round858484$25.40$12.69IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1900 Round1058485$31.25$15.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1900 Round1258486$40.95$20.49IN STOCK
Silver Brush Bristlon - spacerSeries 1901 Flat058487$11.20$5.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1901 Flat258488$12.95$6.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1901 Flat458489$15.75$7.89IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1901 Flat658490$19.60$9.79IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1901 Flat858491$25.10$12.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1901 Flat1058492$31.25$15.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1901 Flat1258493$41.10$20.59IN STOCK
Silver Brush Bristlon - spacerSeries 1902 Bright058494$11.20$5.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1902 Bright258495$13.00$6.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1902 Bright458496$15.75$7.89IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1902 Bright658497$19.50$9.79IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1902 Bright858498$25.25$12.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1902 Bright1058499$31.40$15.69IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1902 Bright1258500$40.95$20.49IN STOCK
Silver Brush Bristlon - spacerSeries 1903 Filbert058501$13.95$6.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1903 Filbert158502$14.35$7.19IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1903 Filbert258503$15.10$7.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1903 Filbert458504$18.40$9.19IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1903 Filbert658505$22.25$10.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1903 Filbert858506$27.95$13.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1903 Filbert1058507$35.95$17.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 1903 Filbert1258508$47.55$23.79IN STOCK
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