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Robert Simmons Titanium Brushes

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This state-of-the-art, custom formulated, stiff synthetic bristle is a unique blend of varying filament thicknesses.
This state-of-the-art, custom formulated, stiff "synthetic bristle" is a unique blend of varying filament thicknesses.
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This state-of-the-art, custom formulated, stiff synthetic bristle is a unique blend of varying filament thicknesses.
Titanium Series
Long Handle Brights
Long Bright
Long Handle Broad Brushes
Long Broad
Long Handle Fans
Long Fan
Long Handle Filberts
Long Filbert
Short Handle Filberts
Short Filbert
Short Handle Flat Glaze Brushes
Short Flat Glaze
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Short Flat Shaders
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Long Round
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Each Robert Simmons brush comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

This state-of-the-art, custom formulated, stiff "synthetic bristle" is a unique blend of varying filament thicknesses which are all incorporated with Robert Simmons' special tapering techniques. Titanium brushes are extremely durable and designed for high performance use with oil and all types of acrylic, especially heavy bodied acrylic.

A special "interlocked" process retains its shape and affords precise stroke control. The Titanium series combines the resilience and spring of the best interlocked bristle brushes with a fine point and sharp edge that will not lose its strength when wet.

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Robert Simmons Titanium Brushes
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerBright (Long Handle)176559$10.85$5.39OUT OF STOCK
(till 09/10/2015)
spacerBright (Long Handle)276560$12.40$6.19IN STOCK
spacerBright (Long Handle)476561$14.55$7.29IN STOCK
spacerBright (Long Handle)676562$17.75$8.89IN STOCK
spacerBright (Long Handle)876563$22.80$11.39IN STOCK
spacerBright (Long Handle)1076564$29.40$14.69IN STOCK
spacerBright (Long Handle)1276565$40.10$19.99IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerBroad (Long Handle)1476572$49.40$24.69IN STOCK
spacerBroad (Long Handle)1676573$62.65$31.29IN STOCK
spacerBroad (Long Handle)1876574$74.20$36.99IN STOCK
spacerBroad (Long Handle)2076575$87.25$43.59IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerFan (Long Handle)276591$13.50$6.79IN STOCK
spacerFan (Long Handle)476592$16.50$8.29IN STOCK
spacerFan (Long Handle)676593$20.95$10.49IN STOCK
spacerFan (Long Handle)876594$24.65$12.29IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerFilbert (Long Handle)276566$13.20$6.59IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Long Handle)476567$15.15$7.59IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Long Handle)676568$19.30$9.69IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Long Handle)876569$24.65$12.29IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Long Handle)1076570$34.00$16.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Long Handle)1276571$54.20$26.99IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerFilbert (Short Handle)276537$10.85$5.39IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Short Handle)476538$11.25$5.69IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Short Handle)676539$13.80$6.89IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Short Handle)876540$15.15$7.59IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Short Handle)1076541$16.20$7.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Short Handle)1276542$18.15$8.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert (Short Handle)1476543$20.10$9.99IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerFlat (Long Handle)176576$10.10$4.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat (Long Handle)276577$11.95$5.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat (Long Handle)476578$14.45$7.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat (Long Handle)676579$16.90$8.49IN STOCK
spacerFlat (Long Handle)876580$24.00$11.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat (Long Handle)1076581$30.10$14.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat (Long Handle)1276582$49.40$24.69IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerFlat Glaze (Short Handle)1/2"76523$18.45$9.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat Glaze (Short Handle)3/4"76524$28.35$14.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 09/20/2015)
spacerFlat Glaze (Short Handle)1"76525$36.40$18.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat Glaze (Short Handle)1-1/4"76526$46.25$23.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat Glaze (Short Handle)1-1/2"76527$61.20$30.59IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerFlat Shader (Short Handle)276528$10.00$4.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat Shader (Short Handle)476529$10.85$5.39IN STOCK
spacerFlat Shader (Short Handle)676530$11.95$5.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat Shader (Short Handle)876531$13.95$6.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat Shader (Short Handle)1076532$14.45$7.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat Shader (Short Handle)1276533$16.50$8.29IN STOCK
spacerFlat Shader (Short Handle)1476534$18.95$9.49IN STOCK
spacerFlat Shader (Short Handle)1676535$21.35$10.69IN STOCK
spacerFlat Shader (Short Handle)2076536$23.00$11.49IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerRound (Long Handle)076583$9.30$4.69OUT OF STOCK
(till 09/25/2015)
spacerRound (Long Handle)176584$10.85$5.39IN STOCK
spacerRound (Long Handle)376585$13.20$6.59IN STOCK
spacerRound (Long Handle)576586$16.40$8.19IN STOCK
spacerRound (Long Handle)676587$19.10$9.59IN STOCK
spacerRound (Long Handle)876588$24.65$12.29IN STOCK
spacerRound (Long Handle)1076589$41.75$20.89IN STOCK
spacerRound (Long Handle)1276590$50.90$25.49IN STOCK
Robert Simmons Titanium Brush - spacerRound (Short Handle)176544$8.15$3.99IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)276545$8.45$4.19IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)376546$8.90$4.49IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)476547$9.30$4.69IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)576548$10.40$5.19IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)676549$11.95$5.99IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)876550$13.95$6.99OUT OF STOCK
(till 09/07/2015)
spacerRound (Short Handle)1076551$16.40$8.19IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)1276552$20.60$10.29IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)1476553$22.60$11.29IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)1676554$26.30$13.19IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)1876555$27.10$13.59IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)2676556$37.00$18.49IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)3076557$47.10$23.59IN STOCK
spacerRound (Short Handle)3676558$53.50$26.79IN STOCK
72 items in this category.

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