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Raphaël Red Sable Oil Color Brushes

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These brushes are a delight for oil painting!
These brushes are a delight for oil painting!
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These brushes are a delight for oil painting!
Red Sable
Short Rounds
Short Rounds
Pointed Filberts
Pointed Filberts
Almond Filberts
Almond Filberts
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Using only the finest grade of red sable hair, these brushes provide the balance and control to paint flawlessly primarily with oil colors but also with caseins, egg tempera, alkyds and acrylics. They all possess an excellent spring character, so strokes are marvelously responsive with flawless shape. Hand crafted from France with seamless nickel ferrules attached to deep brown, varnished, long, wood handles. One of the world's largest selections now available to you at savings to 60% off retail.

Series 862 Rounds - Rounds with a tradtional full shape point beautifully and carry a full load of color. Short Rounds gives you the advantage of a shorter hair length to get better control for more precise strokes. 

Series 872 Brights - Brights have a traditional square tapered edge when wet and allow for expressive linear or scrolling strokes. 

Series 8722 Almond Filberts - Almond Filberts have a more worn in feel than a bright and allow for more precise strokes with greater control. 

Series 8622 Pointed Filberts - These brushes can be used for various functions and are particularly useful for long strokes with the most delicate and controllable line.  

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Raphaël Red Sable Oil Color Brushes
Raphaël Red Sable Brush - spacerSeries 862 Round261908$12.55$6.29IN STOCK
spacerSeries 862 Round461909$12.90$6.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 862 Round661910$14.50$7.29IN STOCK
spacerSeries 862 Round861911$18.10$8.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 862 Round1061912$25.65$12.79IN STOCK
spacerSeries 862 Round1261913$34.95$17.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 862 Round1461914$46.05$22.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 862 Round1661915$78.95$39.49IN STOCK
Raphaël Red Sable Brush - spacerSeries 8622 Pointed Filbert261926$14.50$7.29IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8622 Pointed Filbert461927$15.15$7.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8622 Pointed Filbert661928$16.40$8.19IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8622 Pointed Filbert861929$21.05$10.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8622 Pointed Filbert1061930$30.25$15.19IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8622 Pointed Filbert1261931$47.40$23.69IN STOCK
Raphaël Red Sable Brush - spacerSeries 872 Bright261932$13.15$6.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 872 Bright461933$16.90$8.49IN STOCK
spacerSeries 872 Bright661934$18.00$8.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 872 Bright861935$27.30$13.69IN STOCK
spacerSeries 872 Bright1061936$40.70$20.39IN STOCK
spacerSeries 872 Bright1261937$46.55$23.29IN STOCK
spacerSeries 872 Bright1461938$63.85$31.89IN STOCK
spacerSeries 872 Bright1661939$79.20$39.59IN STOCK
Raphaël Red Sable Brush - spacerSeries 8722 Almond Filbert261944$14.55$7.29IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8722 Almond Filbert461945$20.00$9.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8722 Almond Filbert661946$24.60$12.29IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8722 Almond Filbert861947$33.50$16.79IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8722 Almond Filbert1061948$47.95$23.99IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8722 Almond Filbert1261949$61.20$30.59IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8722 Almond Filbert1461950$78.45$39.19IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8722 Almond Filbert1661951$104.45$52.19IN STOCK
spacerSeries 8722 Almond Filbert1861952$132.75$66.39IN STOCK
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