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Raphaël Oil and Acrylic Brushes

Raphael Brush
Bill Me Later   
A Stroke of Genius

All of the brushes in this category provide exceptional quality and beauty, stemming from a long tradition of making only the finest. With a rich history dating back to 1793, brushes by Raphaël will bring richness to your artwork as well. Raphaël created the first filbert style brush, and they still continue to be innovative in the field. Made with the finest natural and synthetic hairs, these brushes are sure to provide a long life and superior application of paint.
Raphaël Oleo Oil Colour Brushes
Raphael Precision Long Handle Brushes
Raphaël Sepia Acrylic Brushes
Raphaël SoftAcryl Acrylic Brushes
Raphaël Textura Acrylic Brushes
Raphaël Kaerell Acrylic Brushes
Raphaël Kaerell Acrylic Brush Set
Raphaël Kevrin Natural Hair Brushes
Raphaël Mixacryl Oil and Acrylic Brushes
Raphaël Paris Classics Brushes
Raphael Paris Classics Brush Sets
Raphaël Red Sable Oil Color Brushes
Raphael Red Sable Oil Color Brush Sets

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