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Liquitex Freestyle Acrylic Brushes

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Freestyle Brushes are an innovative range of professional brushes for traditional and modern artistic expression!
Freestyle Brushes are an innovative range of professional brushes for traditional and modern artistic expression!
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Freestyle Brushes are an innovative range of professional brushes for traditional and modern artistic expression!
You love Liquitex\'s acrylic paints, now you can love their artists\' paint brushes too!
These paddle brushes are great for moving lots of color.
Freestyle detail brushes feature long, ergonomically contoured handles for non-slip control.
These new lines of Freestyle professional artists\' brushes are designed with both the traditional painter and the modern artist in mind.
Broad Varnish Brushes with Long Handles
Broad Varnish Brushes with Short Handles
Paddle Brushes
Splatter Brushes
Angle Flats
Angle Flats
Liquitex Freestyle Large Scale Brush Ring Set of 5
Set of 5
Save up to $53.90 off List
(Super Sale Ends 01/04/2015)

An innovative range of professional brushes for traditional and modern artistic expression!

You love Liquitex's acrylic paints, now you can love their artists' paint brushes too! These new lines of Freestyle professional artists' brushes are designed with both the traditional painter and the modern artist in mind. For the traditionalist there are the Freestyle Detail brushes: a line of 24 brushes made from the highest quality synthetic nylon bristle, with a non-rusting ferrule and a long, ergonomically contoured satin matte handle for non-slip control. These brushes are available in the most popular sizes of round, bright, flat and filbert shapes for all varieties of traditional painting methods.

Freestyle Detail Brushes

  • Blended, medium-stiff high quality synthetic nylon bristle
  • Stainless steel rust-proof ferrule
  • Long, contoured satin matte finish handle
  • Round, Bright, Flat and Filbert shapes
  • All available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12

For the pioneering modern painter, there are the Freestyle Large Scale brushes: innovative large designs that meet the needs of non-traditional painters working in grandiose scale. With medium to stiff blended synthetic bristles and lacquered matte, non-slip handles, Freestyle Large Scale brushes are perfect for oversized and mural work, contemporary effects and even outdoor use! From the all-purpose Universal Flat and Angle brushes, to the Paddle Brushes for moving thick color and the Splatter Brushes for unique marks and splatter effects, there is virtually no manner of artistic expression that cannot be achieved with these innovative, distinct brushes. The "Giant" brush can even be screwed onto a broom handle for massive reach! Whether your painting style is more traditional, more avant-garde, or a mixture of both, new Liquitex Freestyle brushes are sure to fit your style and enhance your creative expression!

Freestyle Large Scale Brushes

  • Medium to stiff blended synthetic bristle
  • Brushed stainless steel rust-proof ferrules
  • Seasoned hardwood handle with non-slip matte finish
  • 7 innovative shapes / effects
  • Durable and suitable for outdoor work

NEW! Freestyle Large Scale Brush Set of 5 - Now you can get five of the most popular Liquitex Freestyle Large Scale Brushes in this convenient set! Includes a 1" Universal Angle, 1" Universal Flat, 1" Paddle, 2" Paddle and a Splatter Round brush all on a handy, portable ring that can easily be attached to a belt or a bag. Bought individually, that's over $85.00 list worth of innovative brushes at more than 50% off list prices!

SAVE UP TO 64% OFF LISTSave up to $53.90 off List(Super Sale Ends 01/04/2015)
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Liquitex Freestyle Acrylic Brushes
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerRound - Detail Brush2V03278$13.19$6.60IN STOCK
spacerRound - Detail Brush4V03279$13.19$6.60IN STOCK
spacerRound - Detail Brush6V03280$17.59$8.80IN STOCK
spacerRound - Detail Brush8V03281$17.59$8.80IN STOCK
spacerRound - Detail Brush10V03282$25.29$12.65IN STOCK
spacerRound - Detail Brush12V03283$25.29$12.65IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerBright - Detail Brush2V03284$13.19$6.60IN STOCK
spacerBright - Detail Brush4V03285$13.19$6.60IN STOCK
spacerBright - Detail Brush6V03286$17.59$8.80IN STOCK
spacerBright - Detail Brush8V03287$17.59$8.80IN STOCK
spacerBright - Detail Brush10V03288$25.29$12.65IN STOCK
spacerBright - Detail Brush12V03289$25.29$12.65IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerFlat - Detail Brush2V03290$13.19$6.60IN STOCK
spacerFlat - Detail Brush4V03291$13.19$6.60IN STOCK
spacerFlat - Detail Brush6V03292$17.59$8.80IN STOCK
spacerFlat - Detail Brush8V03293$17.59$8.80IN STOCK
spacerFlat - Detail Brush10V03294$25.29$12.65IN STOCK
spacerFlat - Detail Brush12V03295$25.29$12.65IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerFilbert - Detail Brush2V03296$13.19$6.60IN STOCK
spacerFilbert - Detail Brush4V03297$13.19$6.60IN STOCK
spacerFilbert - Detail Brush6V03298$17.59$8.80IN STOCK
spacerFilbert - Detail Brush8V03299$17.59$8.80IN STOCK
spacerFilbert - Detail Brush10V03300$25.29$12.65OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/24/2014)
spacerFilbert - Detail Brush12V03301$25.29$12.65OUT OF STOCK
(till 12/22/2014)
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerSplatter Round- Large ScaleV03320$16.79$8.40IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerSplatter Flat- Large ScaleV03321$16.79$8.40IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerPaddle - Large Scale1"V03316$14.29$7.15IN STOCK
spacerPaddle - Large Scale2"V03317$25.29$12.65IN STOCK
spacerPaddle - Large Scale3"V03318$36.29$18.15IN STOCK
spacerPaddle - Large Scale4V03319$47.29$23.65IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerShort Handle Varnish Brush - Large Scale4"V03308$54.19$27.10IN STOCK
spacerShort Handle Varnish Brush - Large Scale6"V03309$65.19$32.60IN STOCK
spacerShort Handle Varnish Brush - Large Scale8"V03310$76.19$38.10IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerLong Handle Varnish Brush - Large Scale1"V03311$21.99$11.00IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Varnish Brush - Large Scale2"V03312$32.99$16.50IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Varnish Brush - Large Scale3"V03313$43.99$22.00IN STOCK
spacerLong Handle Varnish Brush - Large Scale4"V03314$54.99$27.50IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerUniversal Angle- Large Scale1"V03302$19.19$9.60IN STOCK
spacerUniversal Angle- Large Scale2"V03303$30.79$15.40IN STOCK
spacerUniversal Angle- Large Scale3"V03304$43.39$21.70IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerUniversal Flat- Large Scale1"V03305$19.19$9.60IN STOCK
spacerUniversal Flat- Large Scale2"V03306$30.79$15.40IN STOCK
spacerUniversal Flat- Large Scale3"V03307$43.39$21.70IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerGiant- Large ScaleV03315$83.59$41.80IN STOCK
Liquitex Freestyle Brush - spacerLarge Scale Brush RingSet of 5V06105$83.89$41.95$29.99IN STOCK
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