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Vermeer Classic Mongoose Hair Brushes

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Vermeer Classic Mongoose Hair Brushes
Vermeer Classic Mongoose Hair Brushes
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Vermeer Classic Mongoose Hair Brushes
Every aspect of the brush is hand-made and each is inspected to insure proper resiliency with proper shape and working qualities.
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  • Full bodied for handling any paint
  • Soft feel for blending and glazing
  • Shapes to a fine point or fine edge
  • Fine hair shows minimal brush strokes
  • Great for watercolor, gouache and acrylic
  • Long, wine color, lacquered wood handles
  • Seamless, nickel-plated brass ferrules
  • Superb for all classical techniques in oil color
  • Positive brush response through each stroke
  • Sizes 28, 30 and 40 Flat are excellent for wash techniques

Old Masters quality brushes complement bristle hair and red sable hair brushes and offer the advantages of a finer and softer feel with greater line control over bristle and more durability, a firmer feel and greater economy over sable. Brush heads are hand cupped and tied by a skilled craftsperson one at a time in the traditional old world method. 

Every aspect of the brush is hand-made and each is inspected to insure proper resiliency with proper shape and working qualities. The special hair in each brush is delicate enough for subtle blends and glazing yet firm enough for layering thick impasto strokes.

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Vermeer Classic Mongoose Hair Brushes
Vermeer Classic Mongoose Brush - spacerFilbert278158$11.05$5.59$3.89IN STOCK
spacerFilbert378159$12.15$6.09$4.25IN STOCK
spacerFilbert478160$14.95$7.59$5.29IN STOCK
spacerFilbert678161$17.65$8.89$6.25IN STOCK
spacerFilbert878162$22.15$11.09$7.79IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1078163$26.55$12.79$8.95IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1278164$28.75$13.89$9.69IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1478165$30.95$15.59$10.89IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1678166$33.15$16.69$11.69IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1878167$38.75$19.39$13.59IN STOCK
spacerFilbert2078168$44.25$22.19$15.55IN STOCK
Vermeer Classic Mongoose Brush - spacerFlat278144$11.05$4.99$3.49IN STOCK
spacerFlat378145$12.15$6.09$4.25IN STOCK
spacerFlat478146$14.95$7.59$5.29IN STOCK
spacerFlat678147$18.25$9.19$6.39IN STOCK
spacerFlat878148$22.15$11.09$7.79IN STOCK
spacerFlat1078149$26.55$13.29$9.29IN STOCK
spacerFlat1278150$27.65$13.89$9.69IN STOCK
spacerFlat1478151$30.95$15.59$10.89IN STOCK
spacerFlat1678152$33.15$16.69$11.69IN STOCK
spacerFlat1878153$38.75$19.39$13.59IN STOCK
spacerFlat2078154$44.25$22.19$15.55IN STOCK
spacerFlat2878155$60.85$30.49$21.35IN STOCK
spacerFlat3078156$88.55$44.39$34.59IN STOCK
spacerFlat4078157$132.95$66.49$51.89IN STOCK
Vermeer Classic Mongoose Brush - spacerRound078133$8.85$4.49$3.15IN STOCK
spacerRound278134$9.45$4.79$3.35IN STOCK
spacerRound478135$9.95$4.99$3.49IN STOCK
spacerRound678136$11.05$5.59$3.89IN STOCK
spacerRound878137$13.25$6.09$4.25IN STOCK
spacerRound1078138$22.15$7.19$4.99IN STOCK
spacerRound1278139$33.15$7.79$5.45IN STOCK
spacerRound1478140$18.75$9.49$6.65IN STOCK
spacerRound1678141$22.15$11.09$7.79IN STOCK
spacerRound1878142$27.65$13.89$9.69IN STOCK
spacerRound2078143$33.15$16.69$11.69IN STOCK
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