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Jewel Bristle Brushes

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Distinctively finished with ruby red, long balanced handles with white pearlescent dipped ends and gold plated seamless ferrules.
Distinctively finished with ruby red, long balanced handles with white pearlescent dipped ends and gold plated seamless ferrules.
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Distinctively finished with ruby red, long balanced handles with white pearlescent dipped ends and gold plated seamless ferrules.
Almond Filberts
Almond Filberts
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Like no other bristle brush in the world!

Perfect shape and brush response is what you’ll get with every Jewel brush. There are many secrets to this great new brush. The first is the incredible amount of natural flagged ends that allow each brush to carry color onto the canvas in maximum concentration. This allows for longer and more fluid brush strokes with oils, acrylics, caseins or alkyds. The second secret is the special interlocked construction. This interlocked construction is created by using a slow and meticulous method. The hair is specially cured to create uniform curve in the hair; the hair is then hand-cupped with two bundles combined to form an interlocked center. This creates a springy, amazing brush response. Although there is nothing new about interlocked construction, what is unique is the slow process used. This insures a brush response so valued by artists. 

Add to this the skilled craftsmanship of generations of brush makers that provide perfect shaping of the hair allowing you to create virtually every stroke with reliable results. Each brush is distinctively finished with ruby red, long balanced handles with white pearlescent dipped ends and gold plated seamless ferrules. This results in outstanding brushes like no other in the world today. Available in an exclusive selection of shapes including Round, Flat, Bright, Filbert, Short Control Almond Filberts and Angular.
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Jewel Bristle Brushes
Jewel - spacerAlmond Filbert171507$6.50$2.89IN STOCK
spacerAlmond Filbert271508$7.50$3.59IN STOCK
spacerAlmond Filbert371509$9.25$4.19IN STOCK
spacerAlmond Filbert471510$10.75$4.89IN STOCK
spacerAlmond Filbert671511$12.50$5.79IN STOCK
spacerAlmond Filbert871512$15.25$6.99IN STOCK
spacerAlmond Filbert1071513$21.95$9.99IN STOCK
spacerAlmond Filbert1271514$25.25$11.59IN STOCK
Jewel - spacerBright171491$6.50$2.89IN STOCK
spacerBright271492$7.50$3.59IN STOCK
spacerBright371493$9.25$4.19IN STOCK
spacerBright471494$10.75$4.89IN STOCK
spacerBright671495$12.50$5.79IN STOCK
spacerBright871496$15.25$6.99IN STOCK
spacerBright1071497$21.95$9.99IN STOCK
spacerBright1271498$25.25$11.59IN STOCK
Jewel - spacerFilbert171499$6.50$2.89IN STOCK
spacerFilbert271500$7.50$3.59IN STOCK
spacerFilbert371501$9.25$4.19IN STOCK
spacerFilbert471502$10.75$4.89IN STOCK
spacerFilbert671503$12.50$5.79IN STOCK
spacerFilbert871504$15.25$6.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1071505$21.95$9.99IN STOCK
spacerFilbert1271506$25.25$11.59IN STOCK
Jewel - spacerAngular Flat1/4"71515$7.50$3.39IN STOCK
spacerAngular Flat1/2"71516$11.50$5.19IN STOCK
spacerAngular Flat1"71517$21.50$9.69OUT OF STOCK
(till 04/23/2016)
Jewel - spacerFlat171483$6.50$2.89IN STOCK
spacerFlat271484$7.50$3.59IN STOCK
spacerFlat371485$9.25$4.19IN STOCK
spacerFlat471486$10.75$4.89IN STOCK
spacerFlat671487$12.50$5.79IN STOCK
spacerFlat871488$15.25$6.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat1071489$21.95$9.99IN STOCK
spacerFlat1271490$25.25$11.59IN STOCK
Jewel - spacerRound171475$6.50$2.89IN STOCK
spacerRound271476$7.50$3.59IN STOCK
spacerRound371477$9.25$4.19IN STOCK
spacerRound471478$10.75$4.89IN STOCK
spacerRound671479$12.50$5.79IN STOCK
spacerRound871480$15.25$6.99IN STOCK
spacerRound1071481$21.95$9.99IN STOCK
spacerRound1271482$25.25$11.59IN STOCK
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