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Beste B.O.G.O. Brush Sale

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Beste Golden Taklon Brushes
Beste Golden Taklon Brushes
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Beste Golden Taklon Brushes
Beste Gold Rounds
Gold Rounds
Beste Gold Wash
Gold Wash
Beste Filbert Rake
Filbert Rake
Beste Rake
Beste Oval Wash
Oval Wash
Beste Wedge
Beste Dagger Striper
Dagger Striper
Beste Filbert
Beste Chisel
Beste Angular Curvemaker
Angular Curvemaker
Beste Bushy Round
Bushy Round
Beste One Stroke
One Stroke
Beste Deerfoot Stippler
Deerfoot Stippler
Beste Super Shader
Super Shader
Beste Fan Blender
Fan Blender
Beste Wash
Beste Liner
Beste Nadel Round
Nadel Round
Beste Spot Touch
Spot Touch
Beste Gross Wash
Gross Wash
Beste Ocean Wash
Ocean Wash
Beste Winkle
Beste Script Liner
Script Liner
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Save up to $81.51 off List
(Sale Ends 12/31/2014)

World class brushes featuring Golden Taklon, the bristles that bounce back every time!

The Beste™ Finest Golden Taklon Brushes from Creative Mark are world class in every way! The multi diameter Golden Taklon hair holds color intimately and releases it evenly as it touches the painting surface. The hair then bounces back, even as the color and moisture is greatly reduced. Each brush is hand tied and shaped for ideal performance. Each round points and each flat comes to a tapered edge. The special ferrules are fashioned of brass and anodized in black. This keeps the appearance of your Beste™ brushes fresh and clean, much longer than the ferrules of other brush lines. The Golden Taklon brushes are completed with a short wooden handle are perfectly balanced.

Key Features:

  • Each brush is hand tied and shaped
  • Multi-diameter hair to hold color well
  • Special ferrules, to preserve the brushes' beauty and benefits
  • Perfectly balanced, short, wooden handles
Perfect For:
  • Professional artists
  • Artists painting with acrylic, oil, gouache, mediums and so much more!
  • Even distribution of paint
  • Artists seeking a brush that will withstand above average usage and numerous cleanings

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Beste BOGO Brush Sale
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Angular Curve Maker1/8"72373A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Angular Curve Maker1/4"72374A$15.50$6.18$3.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Angular Curve Maker3/8"72375A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Angular Curve Maker1/2"72376A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Angular Curve Maker5/8"72377A$36.50$14.78$7.39IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Angular Curve Maker3/4"72378A$45.50$18.18$9.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Angular Curve Maker1"72379A$60.90$24.38$12.19IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Bushy Round072380A$13.10$5.38$2.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Bushy Round272381A$15.50$6.18$3.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Bushy Round472382A$16.70$6.78$3.39OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/28/2015)
spacerB.O.G.O. Bushy Round672383A$18.90$7.58$3.79IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Bushy Round872384A$22.70$9.18$4.59IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Bushy Round1072385A$24.30$9.78$4.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Bushy Round1272386A$33.10$13.38$6.69IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Chisel272369A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Chisel472370A$15.50$6.18$3.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Chisel672371A$24.30$9.78$4.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Chisel1272372A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Dagger Striper1/8"72359A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Dagger Striper1/4"72360A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Dagger Striper1/2"72361A$36.50$14.78$7.39IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Deerfoot Stippler1/8"72392A$15.50$6.18$3.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Deerfoot Stippler1/4"72393A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Deerfoot Stippler1/2"72394A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Fan Blender272405A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Fan Blender472406A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Fan Blender672407A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert10x072362A$15.50$6.18$3.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert272363A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert472364A$19.90$7.98$3.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert672365A$22.10$8.98$4.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert872366A$24.30$9.78$4.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert1072367A$31.50$12.78$6.39IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert1272368A$38.30$15.38$7.69IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert Rake1/8"72344A$27.70$11.18$5.59IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert Rake1/4"72345A$35.30$14.18$7.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Filbert Rake1/2"72346A$45.50$18.18$9.09IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round5x072328A$13.90$5.58$2.79IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round10x072327A$13.90$5.58$2.79IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round3x072329A$15.50$6.18$3.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round172330A$16.70$6.78$3.39IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round272331A$17.70$7.18$3.59IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round372332A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round472333A$19.90$7.98$3.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round572334A$21.10$8.58$4.29IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round672335A$22.10$8.98$4.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round772336A$24.30$9.78$4.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round872337A$25.50$10.18$5.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round1072338A$27.70$11.18$5.59IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round1272339A$39.70$15.98$7.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Round1472340A$42.70$17.18$8.59IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Wash1/2"72341A$45.50$18.18$9.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Wash3/4"72342A$63.10$25.38$12.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gold Wash1"72343A$70.70$28.38$14.19IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Wedge672355A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Wedge872356A$36.50$14.78$7.39IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Wedge1072357A$48.70$19.58$9.79IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Wedge1272358A$60.90$24.38$12.19IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Gross Wash2672431A$38.30$15.38$7.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gross Wash3072432A$55.90$22.38$11.19IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Gross Wash3672433A$60.90$24.38$12.19IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Liner6x072414A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Liner10x072413A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Liner172416A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Liner472417A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Liner072415A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Liner672418A$14.30$5.78$2.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Liner872419A$15.50$6.18$3.09IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Nadel Round272420A$21.10$8.58$4.29IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Nadel Round472421A$24.30$9.78$4.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Nadel Round672422A$27.10$10.98$5.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Nadel Round872423A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Nadel Round1072424A$36.50$14.78$7.39IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Nadel Round1272425A$45.50$18.18$9.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Nadel Round1472426A$50.90$20.38$10.19IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Ocean Wash1"72434A$60.90$24.38$12.19IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Ocean Wash1-1/2"72435A$84.10$33.78$16.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Ocean Wash2"72436A$101.90$40.78$20.39IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. One Stroke1/8"72387A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. One Stroke1/4"72388A$15.50$6.18$3.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. One Stroke1/2"72389A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. One Stroke3/4"72390A$45.50$18.18$9.09OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/10/2015)
spacerB.O.G.O. One Stroke1"72391A$60.90$24.38$12.19IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Oval Wash1/2"72352A$45.50$18.18$9.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Oval Wash3/4"72353A$67.50$27.18$13.59IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Oval Wash1"72354A$73.10$29.18$14.59IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Rakes1/8"72347A$24.30$9.78$4.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Rakes1/4"72348A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Rakes1/2"72349A$45.50$18.18$9.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Rakes3/4"72350A$60.90$24.38$12.19IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Rakes1"72351A$67.50$27.18$13.59IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Script Liner10x072444A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Script Liner2x072445A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Script Liner072446A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Script Liner172447A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Script Liner272448A$13.10$5.38$2.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Script Liner472449A$13.90$5.58$2.79IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Script Liner672450A$14.30$5.78$2.89IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Spot Touch10x072427A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Spot Touch5x072428A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Spot Touch3x072429A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Spot Touch2x072430A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader272397A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader472398A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader072395A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader172396A$18.30$7.38$3.69IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader672399A$22.10$8.98$4.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader872400A$24.30$9.78$4.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader1272401A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader1472402A$39.70$15.98$7.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader1672403A$45.50$18.18$9.09IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Super Shader2072404A$50.90$20.38$10.19IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Wash1/2"72408A$24.30$9.78$4.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Wash3/4"72409A$29.90$11.98$5.99IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Wash1"72410A$54.30$21.78$10.89IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Wash1-1/2"72411A$73.70$29.58$14.79IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Wash2"72412A$91.50$36.58$18.29IN STOCK
Beste - spacerB.O.G.O. Winkel10x072437A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Winkel5x072438A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
spacerB.O.G.O. Winkel072439A$12.10$4.98$2.49IN STOCK
120 items in this category.

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