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Tempera Paint- Non Toxic by RAS

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Real Art Supplies for kids!
Real Art Supplies for kids!
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Real Art Supplies for kids!
Large size bottles are ideal for classroom use!
RAS Tempera Paint - 16 oz. and 32 oz. Bottles
16 oz. & 32 oz.
RAS Tempera Paint - Gallon Jug
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Real Art Supplies for Kids: High quality, non-toxic tempera paint for all applications!

Let your children create with the best: RAS Tempera paint! RAS materials are Real Art Supplies for Kids, designed to mimic the color selection and names of a true artists' palette, thus easing the later transition into student and artist grade paint lines. This high quality line of tempera paint is rated ACMI non-toxic and safe for kids of all ages, with a range of vibrant colors that cover beautifully and go on velvety smooth. Water-soluble and easy to clean up with just soap and water, RAS Tempera is an excellent choice for works on paper, windows and is guaranteed to inspire your young artist to greater creative heights!

  • Non-toxic tempera paint for kids
  • Mimics the colors and names of traditional artists' colors
  • Eases transition into more professional art supplies
  • Water-soluble, easy clean up
  • 17 vibrant colors with excellent coverage
  • Goes on velvety smooth, dries quickly
  • Available in 16 oz, 32 oz, and Gallon sizes great for classrooms!
  • High quality paints for kids of all ages!

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RAS Tempera Paint
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Alizarin Crimsonspacer16 oz BottleAlizarin CrimsonV00784$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleAlizarin CrimsonV00801$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonAlizarin CrimsonV00818$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Brilliant Magentaspacer16 oz BottleBrilliant MagentaV00785$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleBrilliant MagentaV00802$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonBrilliant MagentaV00819$35.75$21.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/26/2016)
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Burnt Umberspacer16 oz BottleBurnt UmberV00786$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleBurnt UmberV00803$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonBurnt UmberV00820$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Cadmium Orange Huespacer16 oz BottleCadmium Orange HueV00787$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleCadmium Orange HueV00804$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonCadmium Orange HueV00821$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Cadmium Yellow Deep Huespacer16 oz BottleCadmium Yellow Deep HueV00788$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleCadmium Yellow Deep HueV00805$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonCadmium Yellow Deep HueV00822$35.75$21.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/10/2016)
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Cadmium Yellow Light Huespacer16 oz BottleCadmium Yellow Light HueV00789$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleCadmium Yellow Light HueV00806$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonCadmium Yellow Light HueV00823$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Carbon Blackspacer16 oz BottleCarbon BlackV00790$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleCarbon BlackV00807$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonCarbon BlackV00824$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Cobalt Green Huespacer16 oz BottleCobalt Green HueV00791$5.50$3.29OUT OF STOCK
(till 02/18/2016)
spacer32 oz BottleCobalt Green HueV00808$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonCobalt Green HueV00825$35.75$21.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/12/2016)
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Dioxazine Purplespacer16 oz BottleDioxazine PurpleV00792$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleDioxazine PurpleV00809$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonDioxazine PurpleV00826$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Napthol Red Lightspacer16 oz BottleNapthol Red LightV00793$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleNapthol Red LightV00810$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonNapthol Red LightV00827$35.75$21.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/10/2016)
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Permanent Green Lightspacer16 oz BottlePermanent Green LightV00794$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottlePermanent Green LightV00811$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonPermanent Green LightV00828$35.75$21.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/10/2016)
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Phthalo Bluespacer16 oz BottlePhthalo BlueV00795$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottlePhthalo BlueV00812$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonPhthalo BlueV00829$35.75$21.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/10/2016)
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Phthalo Turquoisespacer16 oz BottlePhthalo TurquoiseV00796$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottlePhthalo TurquoiseV00813$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonPhthalo TurquoiseV00830$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Titanium Whitespacer16 oz BottleTitanium WhiteV00797$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleTitanium WhiteV00814$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonTitanium WhiteV00831$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Ultramarine Bluespacer16 oz BottleUltramarine BlueV00798$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleUltramarine BlueV00815$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonUltramarine BlueV00832$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Vermilionspacer16 oz BottleVermilionV00799$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleVermilionV00816$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonVermilionV00833$35.75$21.19OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/10/2016)
RAS Tempera Paint for Kids - Yellow Ochrespacer16 oz BottleYellow OchreV00800$5.50$3.29IN STOCK
spacer32 oz BottleYellow OchreV00817$10.50$6.19IN STOCK
spacerGallonYellow OchreV00834$35.75$21.19IN STOCK
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