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Charvin Bags, Pouches and Cases

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Charvin Large Linen Satchel
Charvin Large Linen Satchel
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Charvin Large Linen Satchel
Large Satchel
Black Pinstripe Satchel  9.8 x 6.3 x 2.75in.
Black Satchel
Charvin Small Leather Pencil Case
Leather Case
Charvin Field Pouch
Field Pouch
Black Pinstripe Satchel 17.7 x 11.8 x 2.75in.
Black Satchel
Charvin Large Leather Pencil Case
Leather Case
Black Pinstripe Satchel 14.5 X 9 X 2.75in.
Black Satchel
Charvin Pouch
Charvin Small Linen Satchel
Small Satchel
Charvin Round Tote
Round Tote
Charvin Round Tote
Round Tote
Charvin Flat Tote
Flat Tote
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Stylish Bags and Totes for all of your Art Supplies!

Charvin's line of bags and tote bags are the ideal choice for carrying all of your art supplies when traveling! These carrying bags and totes come in a variety of styles from linen to leather.
  • Leather Pencil Cases- Made from fine sheep leather, Charvin leather pencil bags are rounded with loops at both ends and zippers to safely store your pencils, pens or small brushes. The large bag can hold up to 60 technical pens, microns or 72 colored pencils. The small bag can hold up to 12 colored pencils or 8 technical pens, microns.
  • Linen Satchels- These larger, roomy, carrying satchels can carry a large amount of art supplies and are great for artists on-the-go. Each satchel is made of breathable linen, which is perfect for carrying sketchbooks, pencils or drawing tools, watercolor pans and brushes. Charvin's satchels are reinforced for extra support and feature both grommets, sturdy handles and shoulder straps.
  •  Charvin pouches- These smaller linen pouches contain roomy pockets to carry many pencils, technical pens or even small brushes. The breathable linen makes them less likely to grow mold or mildew if dampened. The small flat pouch(V16154) can hold up to 12 drawing pencils or 8 microns. The linen pouch (V16152) contains a deeper pocket that can hold up to 72 colored pencils or 60 microns. The round pouch(V16153) can hold up to 64 pencils or can even be used to carry palette knives. The black field pouch(V16156) contains a large central pocket that can carry up to a 24-pan watercolor tin or 30 7ml watercolor tubes, and small, separate, zippered section for carrying up to 12 colored pencils or pens. 
  • Black Satchels- Charvin's clean-lined satchels provide utility and classic good looks for artists outside the studio. Roomy and durable, these satchels are available exclusively from France in a smart black cotton blend fabric with chic pin-striping. Charvin black satchels boast the same standard features offered in Charvin's other bags: a reinforced carry handle, adjustable shoulder strap, and grommets to attach keys, tags, etc. Three size offerings round out these convenient portfolio bags, all measuring a 2.75" bag depth that will easily house sketchbooks, small drawing, watercolor, or pastel boards; shallow tins of pencils, pastels, conte', or even watercolor palettes. Carry matted of framed artwork to clients or galleries with ease in these stylish bags. 
Key Features:

  • Made from fine linen, cotton blends and leather materials
  • Different sizes for all of your carrying needs
  • Roomy, deep pockets
  • Available in stylish natural linen and black-pinstripe 
Perfect For:

  • Carrying art supplies
  • Plein air painting and artists on-the-go
  • Looking stylish
  • Traveling 

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the material, the exact size of each bag may vary.

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Charvin Totes and Bags
Charvin - BlackspacerCharvin Satchel8x5.5x2.5"BlackV16157$95.50$58.29IN STOCK
Charvin - BlackspacerCharvin Satchel14x9.5x2.5"BlackV16160$127.25$74.19IN STOCK
Charvin - BlackspacerCharvin Satchel11.5x10x2.5"BlackV16158$127.25$74.19IN STOCK
Charvin - BlackspacerCharvin Satchel17.5x12x2.5"BlackV16159$143.25$84.79IN STOCK
Charvin - LinenspacerCharvin Satchel17x6x2.5"LinenV16155$111.25$68.89IN STOCK
Charvin - LinenspacerCharvin Satchel13.5x9x2.5"LinenV16151$111.25$68.89IN STOCK
Charvin - LinenspacerCharvin Satchel8x5.5x2.5"LinenV16146$79.50$47.69IN STOCK
Charvin - LinenspacerCharvin Satchel11.5x10x2.5"LinenV16147$111.25$68.89OUT OF STOCK
(till 03/08/2016)
Charvin - LinenspacerCharvin Pouch9x5.5x1.5"LinenV16152$40.25$25.39IN STOCK
Charvin - LinenspacerCharvin Round Pouch9.5x2.7"DiaLinenV16153$40.25$25.39IN STOCK
Charvin - LinenspacerCharvin Flat Pouch7.5x2.7x0.4"LinenV16154$28.75$15.89IN STOCK
Charvin - BlackspacerCharvin Field Pouch6.5x10"BlackV16156$79.50$47.69IN STOCK
Charvin - BlackspacerCharvin Leather Pencil Case - RoundSmallBlackV16161$31.75$17.99IN STOCK
Charvin - BlackspacerCharvin Leather Pencil Case - RoundLargeBlackV16162$40.25$23.29IN STOCK
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